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Zumiez Shoes Unboxing – Adidas & Lakai!

Hey guys this was just a video of me unboxing 2 new shoes from Zumiez! Hope you enjoyed it, if you did make sure to drop a like and comment if you have any video ideas or questions. Thanks for watching!

Music- 1.) Weekend In The City – Silent Partner 2.) Inner Sun – *Unknown*

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  1. The lakies shoes are such ass I skated those for 2 month and they started ripping on me

  2. Disliked cause you're wearing joggers and bought shoes from zumiez FOH

  3. that skateboard looks too clean, do you even skate bro?

  4. Lol he's stupid he's stupid I'm done

  5. My lakai are hella uncomfortable

  6. I have the DIAMOND x LAKAI shoes

  7. You should get some és shoes

  8. LAKAI = Skater Owned!!! The Lakai flare is a parody of the Nike swoosh, and Lakai has had several other parodies of Nike in their history, but Lakais are well-loved by core skaters who want to support skater-owned brands

  9. If you haven't already get some emerica's my brotha

  10. i like that you actually tried on the shoes, nice touch

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f7l5KiReGU Click this to go to my latest video!I'll be doing skating videos in about a month when I get a camera.Go check it out and leave a like. Thanks! I'm a big fan of your vids Ethan Keep it up!

  12. For the q and a what program do u use to edit with and how much is it also would u rather scrap your balls on mob grip or popcicle el toro


  14. People will probably hate you for shopping at zumiez

  15. you should add my insta; rachel.yvoneee
    snapchat- millionlove9
    and would you ever do a meet up at op?

  16. Why did you have to do a zumiez unboxing video right before I was gonna do mine!?😂😂

  17. kickflip or heelflip also backside or frontside

  18. If you had to eat a food for the rest of your life what would it be? And what celeb would you like to meet?

  19. Would you ever give me a sub on my YouTube channel~ I'm so close to getting 40 subs and your awesome at skateboarding x

  20. Hey when are you going to make the video from James's party?

  21. Out of 10 how many boards would u brake in 8 months ???also LOVE UR VIDEOS

  22. How long have you been Skateboarding?

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