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  1. Right a few things need clearing up. This video reminds me of /watch?v=0mBkMAdJnHA
    Which is a Zero Demo from 3 years ago at the same place with the same ramps (incidentally I first seen it on daskatechannel3 I think)

    Don't see many videos still coming out with VX footage these days which made me think it was a repost of an old vid
    Damn skatechannels not seeing where a guy who isn't even in his teens was coming from (Username made 8 years ago when I was 12)
    Keep throwing out videos brudda!

  2. was that forrest? thats too cool!

  3. crooked grind to feeble grind

  4. looks like they are skating on ice

  5. Jonathan pierce finally getting what he deserves

  6. this just happend less than 24 hours ago so suuuuck my diiiiiick.

  7. Will you and all the other daskatechannels stop re uploading ancient footage

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