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Yeezy Sneaker Shopping with my GIRLFRIEND! (THEY SITTING!)

Previous Vlog – https://youtu.be/DCF_uei3qbg
Bringing my Girlfriend to Japan – https://youtu.be/AJW8LQzRnTA

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  1. What’s the name of the song at the end

  2. Is this a diff girl from the one u have bred 1’s? Haven’t watched ina minute

  3. Great to see natty back 🤙🤙

  4. Wow yeezys sitting I doubt it will happen in the US tho

  5. Droppin some pinoy fan love! Dope vid 🔥🔥 Welcome back to your queen!

  6. Wow Toronto so cool to visit…finally naty on the vlog yeaaah! I wish you both had a good life…subscriber from Jakarta Indonesia..

  7. Bro you are one lucky bastard. She's a keeper.

  8. Good to see y'all worked things out!!!

  9. What happened to your eyebrows? 🤮


  11. adv hbd naty 🔥 link for the music pls 😝

  12. Happy birthday to your gf man!

    Filipino fan here!

  13. You're real goals if you go shopping together.

  14. I love how he made this vid good job 👍

  15. isn't she lovely – sad savior
    you're welcome

  16. Dude YEEZY from foot locker are coming out on the 16th

  17. Nice to see back vlogging :-).
    Iam also interested in Puma RS-X, I hope you can review them soon.

  18. She's lovely alright! 😉 Bring her here in the Phil, Lots of clothes to fit her size. Haha…

  19. I thought u gonna nexflix and chill

  20. gwapa and gwapo👍🏽🇵🇭

  21. that song isn't she lovely is the basically every pinay's 18th birthday (debut) song when they celebrate. complete with 18 candles and an escort and shit.

  22. awesome to know you guys are doing good! supraghetti we missed you! haha

  23. Your gf look sooooo beautiful 😍 love your vidsss

  24. Happy Bday Natty, by the way.. is shes a filipina also?😉

  25. Was able to cop the human race nmds and zebras in the PH online

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