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My newest sneakers pickup and I’m honestly not quite sure why I bought these Adidas Originals sneakers. These look incredibly similar to my other pair of Triple Black Adidas Tubular Dooms and were more expensive as well. Let me know what you think of the Adidas Tubular Doom Primeknit Blackout and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. I LOVE AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY LOVE SHOES those are my favorite also I subscribed

  2. hey bro,can u please help me out about sizing.Actually m wearing superstar all white no.7 n its abit loose.So,the thing is if i order no.7 adidas tubular dawn no.7 will it be more than superstar or as loose s usual.Help me out bro.And i think d upper sole of tubular dawn has no support…… help me out bro.ur kind knowlege would be appreciate..

  3. On feet they look like some weird cross between an old mans slippers and a modern ninja shoe.

  4. I just bought a pair yesterday in an oxblood red color, and they are the best shoes ever! I got them from Journeys at a mall in Omaha NE. I was lucky they were on sale for 49.99, I would definitely recommend buying these shoes!

  5. Review: Adidas tubular doom, although I didn't see anywhere on the shoe written doom, but I see what they mean by that, this shoes is destined to be doomed. Whoever buys this shoes buys it for the looks, that's what pulled me in to getting them. Fall, mild winter, spring, mild summer. The shoes are reasonably light weight, they feel comfortable on the foot and snug. They have wide heel and very kewl looking sole, I assume it is for to prevent rolling your ankle, when doing sports. thought I was expecting more of them, I got less. Not a long distance shoe. Hard on your feet, because of the sole being hard, no springing what so ever, even though the sole being so thick. Also they are very slippery in the snow or ice, literally like skates, even on the wet pavement the toe would slip from under you, and same thing only more on snow or ice, except on snow or ice they can completely slip from under you. On dry pavement they have reasonably good traction. I think they are not too bad to go from house to your car and from your car to the place where you hangout or where you don't do lots of walking. Again not very good for walking or running, kinda defeats the purpose because they are being sport shoes. The biggest problem I find so far is in the sole of the shoe. Comparing them to supercloud duramo, if supercloud sole practicality is 10. Doom is 3.

  6. not the first clickbait on this channel bye

  7. I don't understand the sock…should you wear actual socks with them?

  8. The tubular shadow is better

  9. Tubular Doom. Sounds like a porno. That you do not want to watch

  10. I stoped watching as soon as he pulled it out the box.

  11. Move To Google And Type: Couponsecrx Now this is going to be the only working adidas promo codes working from this month. Just don't waste your precious time on some other software

  12. There are so many sick sneakers id love to own and change every day depending on my outfit but i think collecting sneakers is way too expensive for a person like me lol, so i stick to 3 – 6 pairs max

  13. I just went through out his all videos and thumbed down all of em without even watching. Can't stand his ass….

  14. You might be the most whack shoetuber

  15. haha…I own the grey colourway..primeknit

  16. I just bought those too!

  17. Tublar dooms❓❓❓❓

  18. Trash video trash channel

  19. tubular doom are actually comfortable and perfect to run in

  20. ray ray why on Earth are you click baiting

  21. Is there a heel cup in these? I do like some support. Cheers.

  22. let me save 6 min of your time he talks about how his other pair of shoes look the same but he points out the differences

  23. adidas tubular doom sock pk

  24. These are so ugly, imo

  25. you can shovel up snow with them fuckers 😂😂😂

  26. fucking click bait, at least i feel a little bit better after clicking thumbs down.

  27. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO GET adidas Originals Black Print Primeknit Tubular Trainers – Core black?? I can't find them in my size anywhere online. In store somewhere maybe?

  28. What type of jeans were you wearing toward the end of the video while you were showcasing the sneakers?

  29. is there a sneaker u like or do u hate them all

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