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Why Louboutin Shoes Are So Expensive

Christian Louboutin’s trademark red-bottomed shoes have become iconic. Beyoncé wore a custom pair of boots for her Coachella performance, and Cardi B slipped on a pair of “bloody shoes” for her “Bodak Yellow” music video. But why do these heels cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars?


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Following is a transcript of the video:

Narrator: What makes these shoes worth almost $800? Christian Louboutin is the mastermind behind these iconic red-bottomed shoes. It’s safe to say his footwear has stepped into the mainstream. Celebrities all over the world wear them.

“You know the ones with the high heels and the red bottoms?”

♪ These expensive, these is red bottoms ♪ ♪ These is bloody shoes ♪

Narrator: Louboutin even had the red bottoms trademarked. The signature Louboutin pumps, start at $695. The most expensive pair, nearly $6,000. So how did this craze start? Christian Louboutin had the idea for red soles in 1993. An employee was painting her nails red. Louboutin snagged the bottle and painted the soles of a prototype shoe. Just like that, the red soles were born.

So, what makes these shoes worth the cost? In 2013, when the New York Times asked Louboutin, why his shoes are so expensive, he blamed production costs. Louboutin said, “It’s expensive to make shoes in Europe.” From 2008 to 2013, he said his company’s production costs had doubled as the euro strengthened against the dollar, and competition increased for quality materials from factories in Asia.

David Mesquita, the co-owner of Leather Spa, says craftsmanship also plays a part in the shoes’ high price tag. His company works directly with Louboutin to repair its shoes, repainting and replacing the red soles.

David Mesquita: I mean there’s a lot of things that go into the design of a shoe, and the making of a shoe. Most importantly, I think is, who’s designing it, who’s manufacturing it, and also what materials they’re using to make the shoes.

Whether you’re talking about feathers, rhinestones, or exotic materials, there’s so much attention to detail that they put into their manufacturing and designing of their shoes. Narrator: For instance, these $3,595 Louboutins are embellished with Swarovski Crystals. And these raccoon fur boots cost $1,995. When it all comes down to it, people are paying for the status symbol.

Producer Spencer Alben bought a pair of Louboutins for her wedding.

Spencer Alben: It makes me sound so stuck up, but I love the red soles because it’s such like a fashion icon symbol. There’s something about them that when you see them in a picture, you instantly know what those are. So it’s like a status symbol I guess, which makes me sound terrible.

They were over $1,000, which when I say that now, is insane for one pair of shoes that you’re probably never gonna wear again. It’s like something that everyone knows, so the second you see the red bottoms, it’s like, I know what those are, I know what those cost. And it’s so superficial that we care about that, but it really is something that is universal. You see that and you instantly know what those are, and it’s something special. So I think, something as silly as the color of the sole on the shoe, makes them so special, because it’s universally identifiable.

Narrator: Would you drop $1,000 for red-bottomed shoes?

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  1. I honestly don’t like the look of the red sole with any other shoe than the plain black one.

  2. This video highlights a bigger problem in our world today: excessive consumerism and capitalism

  3. I don’t want to support luxury animal skin fashion and child labor. No thank you.

  4. Thank God am humble. And for that I just paint my own shoes red,blue, gold, or purple bottoms.

  5. What if I buy cheaper shoes and paint the bottom red?

  6. Cause chics are stupid enough to buy them.

  7. $800 isn’t that expensive…

  8. I thought ya'll were answering the question 🤨

  9. if my boss stole my nail polish to paint the bottom of a pair of shoes i’d make him give the shoes to me

  10. “what makes these shoes worth the cost”

    nothing. no shoe is worth that amount of money.

  11. motto of life: Comfort before fashion!

  12. Louboutin is expensive also because they produce in Italy and there are heavy taxes for brands

  13. This is a life hack:buy random shoes u Like the get red strong paint after paint the bottom of shoes(put layers on) then done.

  14. Best business in the world. You just need to know how impress rich idiots by rubbish.

  15. if I'm going to pay that much money for a shoe, it had better outlive me, while surviving through some decent amount of wear and abuse. and it had better feel like walking on air.

    I love shoes. I love high heels, but.. paying that much money for a red sole? no thank you. they talk about workmanship, but… honestly.. those shoes die if you look at them wrong, they are mean to be shown off, not walked it for any length of time, so.. meh. I can get gorgeous unique handmade shoes for about $250 or less – I mean look at how lovely these are https://www.etsy.com/listing/637444341/hand-tooled-peep-toe-4-high-heels?. I can get a basic black pump for about $20 and it will last as long and probably be more comfortable than $600 louboutin pair.

    status symbol is all these shoes are and honestly.. meh on that.

  16. Just paint shoes yourself with red on the soles to save money

  17. Some dont even recognize the red bottom trademark

  18. Celebs wear them because they get them for free and/or get paid to wear them. They’re walking billboards. Get rich people to wear them so everyone else will want them and pay through the nose to get them.

  19. All high end items are trash. I know an older man who had a replica Louis Vuitton briefcase it lasted longer than his real one, it's sad how material things wake women loose their mind just to look perfect on the outside when they are a witchcraft mess on the inside. Materialistic women are usually wicked.

  20. People who spend their money like this have a nice place in hell waiting on em very soon. Hell is on Earth not a fantasy place.

  21. Time to paint my soles red and get some 💵 $$

  22. I didn’t even know there was one specific brand that did this! I thought people just painted the soles themselves, like I did for a pageant.

  23. And it's just on the bottom??!? I'll make a pair and sell them for $20 but $1,000 is accepted as well ❤️

  24. Maaaaannn!!!! If y'all don't take y'all asses to Payless and buy some heals and get you a can of glossy Red spray paint 🤦

  25. its the name why its expensive , i can get high quality made in England boots for a couple of hundred dollars

  26. i would drop that much money..

  27. I used to sell them to rich (and not) brats and let me tell you, they're not even of good quality anymore and they're straight UNWEARABLE. They're great for a picture and then you have to take them off. Excuse we use? "Oh it's a French size"…yeah right… they're just not made to be wore and make people anxious to drop 1k lol

  28. No way. I'm all about comfort and style. If my shoes aren't comfortable, I'm not going to wear them. What's the point? But when you can have comfort AND style – then they are probably worth the money because they're healthier on your feet (heels cause endless physical damage to your feet, hips, back, ankles) they last longer and they're classic, always in style. I don't drive a BMW for status, I drive it for comfort and reliability.

  29. Save yourself some $$$ and get your favorite pair of pumps, some painters tape, and some red lacquer lol

  30. It has been widely said that Louboutin decided to continue the use of the red bottom to pay homage to French street walkers who trailed the fish and meat market streets at night and literally had red bottom bloody shoes.

    He has said it wasn't true and was simply a marketing strategy to use the red, but I like the hooker story better.

  31. I see absolutely no big deal about those red bottoms and am not impressed at all.

  32. To answer your question YESSS 😣😣

    Not worth my time or effort to support someone else pocket their Name or Brand, to leave me broke and pennyless with a huge debth in my a–hole''.
    —- Kudos to those who finds STATUS in a pair of Shoes with Red Colour bottoms. I like to say I feel better with a Clear Mind, decent Reputation, great Principles and a Heck of a good Heart and Soul. I am NOT perfect but who is ? NO Red bottoms shoes can Walk in My foot steps for damm' Sure,,, NO matter how much they Cost. Got better things to do with my coins.

  34. U can get 1,000 pokemon cards for $800

  35. I have seen this vid now get outa my recommendations

  36. Piff. Have to lie on your back underneath a ceiling mirror with your feet in the air to see the red soles.

  37. i’ll just stick with my converse thank you

  38. David mosquita! Hes literally a bug 😭

  39. It's not true that the prices are so high because of production costs. I know factory owners in Parabiago, northern Italy, where some of the shoes are made and they said that Louboutin gives them only about 40-80€ (depending on the shoe) per pair. Their production costs are minimal compared to the profit margins that they have.

  40. Now got it 😅….why cardi b mentioning these red shoes


  42. Did she said raccoon fur?????

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