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  1. for me personally, dating and even marriage just seems like a bad deal. Men are expected to up-hold traditional values of dating and marriage whilst women are not and at any point any women could make a claim of rape or abuse or anything and destroy your reputation and even possibly your career and livelihood.

    And in addition, if a marriage goes south, which is nearly 50/50 percent at this point and usually instigated by a woman, the courts have an unfair tendency to side with the woman, particularly in custody cases. That means you're losing most of your stuff, that you probably bought using the money you earned for the family whilst she got to keep the money she earned from her shift-work job. You'll also probably be paying alimony if there's a kid.

    Plus there is the economy which nearly requires both parents to work a job, which means traditional family values don't work. If the husband works the job, it's typically with long hours that keep him from his family. This will only help to divide the family because the husband is never home, loving his wife and raising his kids. If both works, nobodies raising the kid!

    Now if your single, all the money you make is yours. That means you can survive on lower paying job and on less hours. You aren't gone all day and, yes, you don't get the joy of providing for a family, but what joy comes from providing for a family you never see much of anyway? When single you have less work stress, more personal funds, more social time, and your not locked into a legally binding social contract. You can go and make friends with anyone and, if you want, date anyone. There's nothing stopping you.

    Right now, in our day and age, when waging the pros and cons of dating and marriage versus staying single, there is just too much that's better about staying single.

  2. Jesus Christ dude just meet a liberal maybe you’ll like her, how did you manage to turn talking about okcupid to the wage gap.no wonder you’re single, you’re unbearable to everybody. Even the people who agree with your politics don’t like that that smug attitude.

  3. Population is gonna be maintained purely by sperm banks and women have to get their own house and money.

  4. A woman who thinks and isn't an indoctrinated Sheep in some sense is non existent..

  5. Since when are we millennials? Like 2016? They decided to name people born since the 80s millennials 30 years later?

  6. I can tell you something else, as an older person who has learned many things the hard way. The reason people "sit around" and don't make wealth is because success involves lots of work, more than most people think it will, and quite a bit of failure. I don't take people's complaints about lack of opportunity seriously if they are not even willing to work a lawn service, pressure washing service, or some such. There are plenty of fields of industry with low barriers to entry. The price is its either hard labor, or low pay. That gives you the opportunity to accrue capital to do something else with, if its all you can do at the moment. No sympathy for the broke from me. Get a job, or make one. About 15 years ago I built a pressure washing trailer from two gas units from Home Depot, junk and garbage found in various places, and a few things ordered from catalogs. Got some business cards printed at Vista, spread the word, and bought some adverts in HOA newsletters and the like. The work paid 40-60 dollars an hour once I understood how to bid right and get the job done well. Now I don't have to do that anymore.

    This is the same reason finding a quality mate is hard to do. It too requires work and failure. The results you get on dating sites like OKCupid are because there there is no cost to post there, or browse there. You are literally getting what you paid for. Instead, go meet actual people in environments that attract quality people. ( Not bars, clubs, etc )

  7. Women lie, cheat , and steal. They also use children against you. Mine took my son away when i refused to leave him alone at home overnight when i had a mandatory workday during my visitatrion. Never mind that she had plenty of time to have her new BF watch him for an hour while he lived in the apt right downstairs from her. I wasnt his bio father but i was there from 2 months into conce3ption so im his dad regardless. Never trust a woman again….not even a good one. Not worth the loss of love. Not even a little bit.

  8. I’ll never get married. I’ve never had some traumatic experience with women and I’m not mgtow or anything but from my perspective, as a man, I risk absolutely everything going into marriage while at the same time gaining absolutely nothing in return. Meanwhile on the flip side, a woman can walk in with absolutely nothing and walk away with most if not everything you’ve spent your whole life working so hard for. And if you have kids it’s gonna be 10x worse. Not to mention majority of marriages fail and most divorces are initiated by the women so yeah fuck that.

  9. Have a relationship? Sure! Find that wonderful person.

    Have children? If you can provide a structured home, go for it. Its magical, and you get to make your own people to spend the rest of your life with.

    Get married? NO FUCKING WAY. All that is is a government contract that puts women in the position to take men's income and property away. No one who really loves you insists that they must have the legal power to destroy your life, nor would they accept it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It makes a great dating conversation…. try it! You may save some time.

  10. The term you're looking for is educated. Most people don't research anything.

  11. 2:07 omg, you sound like such a dork, no wonder you have trouble dating. People take everything so fucking seriously, right off the bat. It's not entirely your fault. It's okcupid's fault for asking these fucked up questions. That's why I don't use okcupid. Their extreme detail approach is unbearable to me. It's not that fucking complicated to find out if you're attracted to someone or not. Maybe you wouldn't get in to a relationship with someone who is a communist. But you can still date them….. can't you? I mean you really don't know how communist they are, all they did was answer one stupid question on a gay survey, and you think you know them. And you're like, "oh, that's it. I give up. I can't date anyone".

  12. The term "Capitalism" is so often conflagragated. It needs to be delineated from "Consumerism" which is propagated by psychological trickery.

  13. I fuck lots of girls from 3s to 10s. Some times a different one each week. I don't tell them I'm seeing anyone else. It's easy. I've been engaged before. Lived with a woman. Had 4 abortions and a dog. I spend all my money on me and one day when I'm dead I don't give a fuck if I go to hell.

  14. I'm a loser myself, although it's my fault. Women r actually too easy & lot's already hv kids after 30. Stds r at an all time hi & whore houses r popular. It's wild west all over.

  15. I'm gay and I feel sorry for straight guys. They can't so much as ask a girl out these days without being accused of harassment. If they do get married and end up having kids, they're held for ransom by the shitty courts, until the men pay ridiculous amounts of child support. Gee, I wonder why men don't want to married.

  16. Anything posted by BuzzFeed or popnews should always be discredited. These articles are for clicks and not any reliable source

  17. Well your first problem is using social media to date. People need to learn how to interact with people in real life lol

  18. Grew up around married people all my life, they were all miserable and delusional.

  19. I’m not but I think I’m a gen x, my fiancé is a millennial tho

  20. How are millennial childless men losers? The real losers are those that deal with divorce, child support and alimony.

  21. Millennials aren’t getting married, but majority of the baby boomers are divorced. Very few are in actual happy marriages. I haven’t met one married person that caught me in an honest moment that didn’t tell me, “don’t get married”

  22. Because they are a bunch of spoiled babies living in mom and dads basement.
    Why won’t they get jobs? Pay bills? Get a car? Have a girlfriend? Oh that all takes work and something other than being a selfish self centered dick bag.

  23. I found it very funny to read the description and it says "Im 32 and have no family" and then below that it says support me on patreon. I just could not help but laugh at that. I did watch the whole video btw. If we look at children from the 80's to the 90's almost half were raised by just one parent with the divorce rate on the rise, and the problem with that is "If mom and dad could not do it why should I"? in my own opinion that after 35 either sex should not have kids because then if they keep fallowing the trend of having kids later in life then odds are the next generation will have them in their 40's which can have big problems for the child being born then being 23 and mom and dad are about to retire.

  24. A great number of answers can be found from The Rational Male and Dalrock (at wordpress). Those two sites helped me more than I can ever explain here.

  25. Sad bunch of dudes in this comment feed

  26. Stay that way, Tim… women fart, shit, and yell, once you're married, your perception of most women will change… I've been married for 9 years, but I'm one of the lucky ones, my wife is an amzing and trustworthy person.

  27. Jesus is someone far more intriguing than a female. With men now waking up to the truth behind relationships and marriage and the mgtow lifestyle, maybe it's time for man to make God his main focus….rather than the female.

  28. Stay away from any woman with kids they will want to get married in less then 6 months and make you give them more babies. This shit I see all the time and girls that I previously dated and tried that shit on me

  29. My gf is great she's 7 years younger then me and I'm mid 30s. We been dating for close to 10 years and still not. Married. I'm living the Fucken dream.

  30. Title is bullshit most millenials don't know what condoms are and have 10 babies from differnt sluts.

  31. This dude clearly has a very shaky understanding of economics at best. Oh the irony of extolling the current economic system in one breath and then saying that you can't start a family because you're forced to spend all your time working in the next…

  32. DUDE THIS. financially conservative, socially liberal: The true minority. If you don't exist on an extreme no one likes you lol.

  33. Because I don't need a girlfriend a wife or a child to succeed in life

  34. I'm in the same position! I'm an agnostic atheist right-libertarian (socially progressive, economically conservative). I also don't want kids (am childfree) nor do I believe in marriage. Since most people want kids and want to still get married (on top of my political beliefs), my dating pool for long term relationships is significantly smaller lmao. However, I've dated christians, liberals, conservatives, muslims, etc and the only reason these would be problems is if you or your partner takes politics and religion to heart. Since i'm a more secular being, I can care fcking less about politics or religion, as long as the person isn't trying to push their beliefs on me. The only thing i'd focus on is having similar goals/interests, being childfree, and not believing in marriage.

  35. Dude who the fuck cares if shes communist. Your worrying about shit that doesn't matter. What is she going to over throw the government and expect you to join?

  36. 5:14 The far left promotes bigger government, which means more handouts, which directly benefit women. In nearly all age groups, women receive more tax than they give. Men are the ones keeping the system afloat through taxes. Women prefer security and comfort over freedom and risk, hence why they vote far left. The government has become a surrogate husband to many.

  37. Now do the opposite. Make a new Okcupid account and select all answers you normally wouldn’t choose. And see if the app pairs you with what you originally preferred

  38. Women get to choose whom they have sex with. Men get to choose whom or if they marry. The question is why men are making that choice.

  39. There is no valid criticism of capitalism

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