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We Toured the Indiana Pacers’ Sneaker-Filled Facility | The Royal Key

Our “Royal Key” series provides you with a behind-the-scenes, all-access look inside the digs of various sports teams and headquarters numerous companies around the nation. Today, we return the series by visiting the brand new Indiana Pacers facilities, which feature retina activation displays, five stories and 130,000 square feet. Check the video above to see George Kiel tour the venue with Pacers equipment manager Josh Conder.

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  1. is the man like u know little left behind?

  2. Man those Pacers colors dope as hell. Very eye catching!

  3. Plz do the knicks in the future

  4. Being a die hard Pacer that would a dream job…..

  5. U need to do more nba training facilities videos

  6. Yo try to do the celtics bro

  7. Yall peep 1:26 Glen Robertson III?

  8. Another iconic Lebron James playoff performance(gm3vsCeltics), dominated the game with magic esq passing, typical Lebron James Defence at the rim with that block on Baynes ,even tho only 27, each bucket was valuable af making that lead. WITNESS THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME. Factsss.

  9. these tours are very dope. keep em coming. learned a lot so far. lotta things go on behind the scene to make these nba games possible.

  10. Being in the nba is living life

  11. why is mans holding a bottle of ketchup @9:18

  12. I'm guessing they changed the rule where if you wear a color that's not your team color you get fined cuz Almsot every one wears different color ways now a days

  13. He could of talked laundry all day 😂

  14. Equipment manager looking like a white Kevin heart 😂

  15. Seems like a cool job Especially if you’re into the gear

  16. You gotta love it pacers nation baby

  17. Bruh lance wears a new pair of Jordan’s every game

  18. Yo I love Country. That’s a cool cat. Great episode.

  19. Wait, so players can choose their shoes that they want to wear, and the company sends them those shoes?

  20. This was so informative thank u! Always wanted to know behind the scenes …. question, can I have a size 6? Lol…. soooooo many shoes !

  21. I heard players get allowance for food etc on road games, and in Toronto they get Canadian currency for allowance. When the players leave Toronto, they leave the currency lying in the locker room because they don’t want to carry it around. Janitors make bank.

  22. He said playoff shoes. Bruh make sure you win the first round tho cuz imo that sh*t useless if you can wear it after first round in the playoff 😂

  23. This is a great behind-the-scenes look at the practice facility! Thank you so much!

  24. I miss George on nice kicks

  25. So these Billionaire owners won't build a HOMELESS Shelter but build a "Practice facility" instead of them practicing where they Already play or Local High school or College Gymnasium

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