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WalMart Board and shoe Review $3!!

Walmart Board and shoe Review This video is just me riding a Darkstar board I got from Walmart. I’m comparing it with a kryptonics board I’ve had. You might enjoy this video if you like Unboxing skate videos or setup videos. I also review $3 Walmart shoes. I do a lot of freestyle tricks on the board.

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  1. try a Punisher-Skateboards-Cherry-Blossom-31-5-ABEC-7-Complete-Skateboard
    punisher is not that bad either depending which walmart you get it from

  2. When Walmart sold the Shawn white boards they were good

  3. lol "First time I've ever done them"… You're one of the best ever, then. Nice work.

  4. might get a dark star board from walmart and see how it goes

  5. How do you not have more subscribers your channel is great🤘🏼

  6. Next time I go buy shoe Goo I'll get some Walmart shoes too, they seem worth it for 3 bucks

  7. Getting the lil dude a nice starter board was the coolest

  8. that's all you do on tricks gay ass and at 4:50 what kind of move is that chino

  9. Just subbed!! Love your vids man keep em up👍🏻 and no this isn’t YouTube generated😂😂😂

  10. title gives me c a n c e r

  11. Just found your channel (through that Broken Knuckle video you made). Love how in depth you were with that comparison review between the Kryptonics, Dark Star and Death Wish boards. Keep skating bro! Cheers from Canada.

  12. we dont have a local skateshop😢😢😢

  13. Your should do more freestyle skateboarding your really good👍

  14. 3:17 I though he was on the board already and then he walked up to it and I was confused lmao

  15. Prople forgetthe old Darkstar Armour Lites which we wicked

  16. HAHA, so soft and soggy, it's like a pillow hitting your foot! Love it!

  17. i have the exact skateboard

  18. Cuff the jeans
    Cuff the bitches

  19. The griptape on the kryptonics board is wow

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