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Top 5 Shoes We’re Excited for the Rest of 2018!

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  1. Why is Giannis getting a shoe but AD isn’t?

  2. im about to buy the KD11. from manila here

  3. Hyped for D Rose 9 it looks good to me idk if thats just me but I aint mad at it.

  4. Go fuck yourself! Banned!
    Damn Jordan chill out bro 😂 that was hella funny 👍

  5. What's the name of the 2nd under armour shoe???

  6. why do your videos feel boring

  7. The havoc looks like a curry 4 mixed with an adidas tubular

  8. I bet the Antetokounmpo will have air max because he was featured in an "Air Moves You'' ad recently this year.

  9. You may wanna check out these upcoming adidas models! Tmac, Dam5, Harden 3, JWall… http://www.fastpass.cn/review/36909

  10. adidas really did us dirty with those d rose 9s, finna ruin one of their best shoes with that heavy ass bounce midsole

  11. I’m hyped for kyrie 4 low, why not 0.1 low, kd11

  12. Please do crazy light boost 2018 vs kyrie 4

  13. If anyone has a link I would like to see the Curry 7 leak 😂

  14. Dame 5 looks like a indoor soccer shoe

  15. How come D rose keeps getting shoes?

  16. can yall show all the shoes in your collection?

  17. Excited for the upcoming air jordan 32 🔥👌🏀

  18. Everyone seems to love the anta KT3 and the latest way of wades. But you’re not looking forward to their updates?

  19. 3:07 some kind of creepy hand over sammy's shoulder

  20. It is already out in China.

  21. Imma have to cop a pair of hover shoes.

  22. Describe "hover". What's it like???

  23. Nike Greek Fr34ks and D Rose 9s the most anticipated shoes for the upcoming season!

  24. My position i always do is 69 what shoe should i use?

  25. kd 11 is released here in Philippines, last week I guess. The srp is php 7645.

  26. do a does it basketball of the jordan 6 rings it uses the 13 sole but the body is different.

  27. Sammy and don what uppppppp

  28. There are leaks that the kd 11 are releasing on june 17, and other that they are releasing on june 18. And hes, the kd 11 are out in some nations, because there are already some performence reviews.

  29. are u breaking your fingers??

  30. Our school has sample pairs of the under armor havoc because we have a sponsorship with ua

  31. I know I'm not waiting on the new KD, the cursed Derrick Rose or any under armor sneaker. I'm waiting on the LeBron 16, Harden 3, Kyrie 5

  32. Here before 1k views heart pls.

  33. I got the kd 11 on goat, I really like it, cushion is insanely good but gets to be a little too much sometimes, and the traction was great for me

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