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Top 20 Best Cinderella Movies

My list of most beautiful Cinderella movies. I hope you will enjoy this video. If you like please SUBSCRIBE.
20+1. The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin
20.Falling for grace
18.Tangled ever after
17.The book of Ruth
16. DysEnchanted
15.The magic riddle
14. The slipper and the Rose
13.The 10th kingdom
12. A princes for Christmas
11.Cinderella man
10. Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale
8.What a girl wants
7.The prince and me
6.A Cinderella story once upon a song
5.Ella enchanted
4.Another Cinderella story
3.Cinderella 1950
2.A Cinderella story
1.Ever after

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  1. Most of these aren't even cinderella

  2. What is this ? list of worst films ever ?

  3. This one is not to forget. Three wishes for Cinderella. Czech film from 73 that is shown every christmas in Norway at least, here with our dub. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKDV1UfV9Cs

  4. Ever after and another cinderella story are the best for me 💕

  5. This is one of the worst list I have ever seen

  6. Ever after will be always number one ❤

  7. Cinderella (2015) with Lily James is the best of all of them.

  8. my favourite is "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" (3 gifts for Cinderella) from the 70's.

  9. There are at least 2 movies missing:
    1. Disney's "Cinderella" (live action) – this is an obvious choice
    2. "Not Cinderella's Type", with the excellent young actress Paris Warner

  10. You left out one of my favorites – The Glass Slipper, with Leslie Caron.

  11. I would of had slipper and the rose at least in the top 5

    1. Walt Disney Cinderella 1950
    2. The Glass Slipper 1955
    3. Julie Andrews Cinderella 1957
    4. Leslie Ann Warren Cinderella 1965
    5. The Slipper and The Rose 1976
    6. Cinderella With Brandy 1997
    7. Ever after Drew Barrymore 1998
    8.. Cinderella Lily James 2015

    Obviously Cinderella is my favorite. Had to share. : )

  13. Disney Cinderella is THE best

  14. Yes I knew Ever After would be No 1

  15. IF THE SHOE FITS with Rob Lowe is one of the best. THE GLASS SLIPPER with Leslie Caron; another favorite of mine. I don't like Disney's animated version very much: too frustrating at the end. But the Live Action remake by Disney with Lily James is my all time favorite. And for a very unique version, try MAID TO ORDER with Ally Sheedy. EVER AFTER is way down the list for me, primarily because the Stepmother and Stepsisters were punished with hard labor (the only version of Cinderella I know of that does this.) And, the ballroom scene was just incredibly weird… I think EVER AFTER took too many liberties with the story.

  16. The slipper and three rose is amazing cinderella movie and ever after is good too what a girl wants is good but the slipper and the rose along with Disney cinderella are the best

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