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Top 10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold (2017)

We ranked the top 10 most expensive virginities ever sold!
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Did you know that some women auction off their purity for insane amounts of money? Do you ever wonder what is the most expensive virginity in the world or what is the most amount of money that someone paid to take away someone else’s virginity? Well, in this video we’ll be providing some answers.

In this top 10 most expensive virginities in the world we’re not only looking at how much the buyers paid, bit also, what are some of the things you need to consider if you ever wanted to sell your virginity. Apparently, this is legal in some parts of the world.

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  1. Some people claiming these girls as prostitutes which is totally wrong, they slept once, it doesn't mean they gonna do it again and again

  2. 3.7 million dollars? You serious? Ye shitty generation we are living in right now 3.7 million dollars to lose your virginity

  3. I want sell my virginity too , someone know sites famus sites for selling virginity ?

  4. I’m selling my virginity

    Start bidding 🍆🍑💦

  5. I am Male. Pure Virgin. Bid for me. See Nobady cares.😂😕

  6. I think it thier business and only thier business.

  7. for some people this video is funny for me its very sad How Rich Mans Took Advantage Of People Compulsions

  8. Top 10 Mos Expensives Ways to have Bad Sex

  9. So, expensive prostitution is legal

  10. Hello I am selling my virginity 27-year-old complete untouched pure virgin any rich woman contact me heroboy692@yahoo.com

  11. They realized they had something people would pay for, nothing wrong there.

  12. How is selling your virginity legal ? It’s prostitution.

  13. Smart girls, more power to them.

  14. This showed up when I searched Expensive Girl.

  15. My buttholes a virgin. 😣

  16. Hey, get what you can. I'm still a virgin…. don't sound like a bad deal… jsss

  17. Most inspirational video I've ever seen

  18. In french, we say "michetonneuses". In english "scroungers".

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