So a friend of mine blessed me with a hyped pair of Adidas Sneakers that I’ve been wanting since they released. Here’s on Unboxing and quick review of these Yeezy Sneakers I’ve talked about tons of times in videos! These are absolutely in my top 5 Yeezy sneaker releases, are they in yours? Hit that THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this surprise adidas Yeezy Boost Gift unboxing video and SUBSCRIBE for more videos on the sneakers and street wear clothing in my collection! More content linked below!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this Adidas Yeezy gift unboxing video! I’m hyped to add these to my sneaker collection. Let me know if these Yeezy 700’s wave runners are in your top yeezy releases from Kanye West! Wave runner 700’s are restocking later this year, don’t pay resell for these sneakers! – Eddie Win

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  1. am i trippin or are those laces green?

  2. Let me preface this by saying that I'm a Nike/Jordan head. I primarily am attracted to Retro sneakers. As far as the dad shoe trend, I do like puma's Spectra. That being said, this shoe is dope, and so is the Yung 1. I don't own 1 Adidas or Yeezy sneaker, but if i was going to buy 1, the wave runner would be it.

  3. On feet would of been nice 👍, but good video 👌

  4. Bro I love your channel but these are awful. I love yeezys but you put avía or new balance branding on these and nobody buys em. Just my opinion man sorry.

  5. Waiting for the restock in September

  6. I really like this sneakers Eddie👍🏻…i do not have any Yeezy sneakers but this would be a nice start for me;)…i only collect L´s in terms of Yeezy😜

  7. Well I hate them, but congrats on getting something that you really wanted Eddie.

  8. Favorite and best sneaker YouTuber on the web. You can tell bro takes time on perfecting his content and actually cares about giving us shoe details rather than just throwing the shoe on and turning left and right. Good shit Eddie.

  9. "Yikes" ..The Yeezy strike is over! Back on team Yeezy! Love this shoe, congrats, cant wait to see a "how to style" vid on these from you, i know you gonna put something cool together thats gonna be a great alternative!

  10. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately. I love em.

  11. I like how they are loud but yet still kind of subtle if that makes sense. I dig em

  12. You have to do a closet walk through again, that jawn must be endless

  13. we wanna see some fits that you make with the 700s

  14. Tbh when Kanye made his big return to twitter i got tired of him pretty quick and I hated the 700s for awhile. However they’ve started to grow on me and the 500s are some of the best shoes to come out this year. Also, kids see ghosts and ye are 2 of the best albums of the year. I will never doubt Kanye’s intellect

  15. Guys, i need help! What do you guys think about the Air Max Plus/97 (hybrid release)?

  16. I definitely like the 700 now, at first I was on the fence about them. The 500 is the only one I can't get with.

  17. I want them to release a pastel/lighter colored version of these, like the blue tint wave runners 'Ye was wearing

  18. What song was that in the beginning?

  19. Fireeeeeeee!!!! I’ve been wearing my pair every single day.

  20. definetly DOPE!!! kicks Im trying to wait on that restock but man loosiing patience…lol are they tru to sz or have to go 1/2 sz up like on the 350 v2 …keep doing your thing man!!!!

  21. I got rid of my OG pair frm the pre order. Mistake but im hoping I can reacquire in the restock

  22. These are #2 for me. Turtles are 1

  23. Is the T Cotton citizen?

  24. Lets not forget a history of slicing your fingers open as well,still wince when you're about to unbox lol.I respect the fact you stated your opinion at the time and got a conversation going about it.Like you said whether people agree or disagree its always important to have a dialogue going.

  25. These are soooo nice, too bad the resale is the high tho, couldn´t get them for retail and I don´t think I can drop 600 hun on these

  26. You’ve just cursed the Celtics with those kicks lol

  27. Get a little sick to my stomach when I see those

  28. Top 5 maybe number 1 as far as adidas yeezys go. Idk grey/gums are some of the best as well

  29. Not a fan of the sneakers but that T-shirt you have on is awesome. It always cool to see the passion you have for your vid. Keep up the great work.

  30. Yo! Can you please do some "how to style: colored sneaker video" showing what are the best colored pants/jeans that should be paired with a certain color sneaker.

  31. On feet, like 🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. Hideous. You'll come to the same realisation yourself in time.

  33. ive heard they might do a 750 v2

  34. how to style yeezy 700's?😁🤷🏽‍♂️

  35. I dig this model! Hoping to cop one for retail on the upcoming restock! Like what you like and rock em!

  36. Can’t wait for the next lookbook

  37. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is hove

  38. Imma pass on these joints but happy for ya

  39. Keep doing your thing Eddie 💯

  40. You should buy a new chain / necklace.. jewelry shopping video ???

  41. I have V2's, 500's, and a 750. But this is the model I've really wanted to cop, but I'm trying to wait for the restock this fall instead of paying resale. Glad your boy blessed you with these, I know you're gunna kill the fits with em.

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