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  1. "God confided in me that he's an atheist." Smart god. Morgan Freeman is such a superb actor. This was truly a delightful movie! Wish I could find more like it on YouTube.

  2. Wow! What a sweet story. Touched my heart. Damn these sentimental stories!

  3. Glad to see Morgan Freeman at his best you always shine 🤔 🤔🤔through love seem him again he make good movie 😂😁😀Shelia P always any how ok

  4. The guy that played in the tv show All That and Morgan Freemon wow their such great actors they are. Awww the dog is so cute.

  5. One of the best movies I’ve watched in a long while. Excellent!!👍👏👏👏😊

  6. Good movie they should make more like this one. no real drama or anything negative just normal life with a good twist. God bless everyone God bless America God bless you in Jesus name amen

  7. Comment section is full of plants/shills. Your posts look like reviews for a major movie that just came out. Engrossing says rotten tomatoes. Touching. A real tear jerker. One for the whole family. So refreshing. Blah blah. So fake. lol. Yeah, you're all fake! 😉 pathetic.

  8. Such a wonderful story/ movie! So endearing. Why haven't I heard of this before?! So sweet, happy and loving is this movie. On a day like today which has been bad I needed this beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  9. This is a wonderful pleasant movie!

  10. Thank You
    For sharing such a nice and clean
    language movie.
    Enjoyed it.

  11. Very Outstanding Great Movie Great Actors

  12. I stumbled upon this movie and what a pleasant surprise it was!

  13. Start my imagination that's fucking sad

  14. I'm not gonna lie Morgan's voice always gets me moist

  15. Lol your older daughter basically just said fuck off but your younger daughter says some 1816 curse and she's in trouble

  16. If don took beer seriously he wouldn't drink shitty pabst blue ribbon

  17. What a Wonderful Movie All the Characters were perfectly cast. Thank You for allowing no to watch this Free. It warmed my heart ♥️ and I needed that today

  18. This was a awesome amazing movie and everyone who play in it was wouldful actor and actors they keep me watching the whole movie so I can get the whole meaning about the different parts of all the role they play in the movie.

  19. thank you so much for sharing this movie, my heart has been so sad for all the mass shootings and fires that have taken so many people. it is so lovely to watch a movie that brings you a sense of hope and genuine love, thank you …

  20. "What's he yelling at?"


    Been there.

  21. Great movie but just like tv the COMMERCIALS are fkn ATROCIOUS!! & disturbed everyone sleeping so that I couldn't continue to enjoy watching the movie…

  22. Why do producers have to ruin a perfectly GREAT children/family MOVIE by using profanity.
    Profanity in movies as in life are so unnecessary and do nothing to express ones emotions any better.

  23. Morgan's description of writing on the typewriter is priceless

  24. it was a awesome touching movies🛳️

  25. Best movie I saw this year. Morgan Freeman is the sexiest older man alive

  26. Wow that was a great movie …I thought I will never see one that good again .

  27. All but for the language, this was an excellent movie. Thank you.

  28. Great movie. Thanks for posting it.

  29. I love the part where he names the dog. lol

  30. "speechless", and that says it all!!!!!!!!

  31. From all the great comments below. I, going to watch now. Thanks

  32. The country bumpkin who plays in this movie did quite the job!!
    I must say, the rest of the cast managed to do just as well.

  33. Wonderful movie! Great actors! I was spell bound from beginning to end.

  34. Love this movie seen it probably 3 times.
    Freeman is a very good actor matter of fact they all are, A touching story about
    Someone needing someone, Don’t we all.

  35. Great Flick………! Thank You ………………………

  36. Great script, and actors. Definitely a must watch!

  37. This is one of the best romantic, warm heart movie. Now I can sleep well tonight.

  38. I remember Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno so fondly… those two were key in teaching me how to read… Rita as the director and Morgan as the cue card holder… The Electric Company on PBS. Way back in the day when there were but 4 channels on the television, 4 ,7, 13 and 5… I guess that really ages me! I sometimes wonder if those two know just how many youngsters lives they touched. I was saddened that PBS never ran those episodes in syndication. I've not had the opportunity to thank them for what they taught me and might never be able to. I smile when I see them interviewed or on the Big Screen. Very humble beginnings.. I also don't recall them ever mentioning being on The Electric Company. I really believe that's their greatest accomplishment… they taught tens of thousands, maybe millions how to read.THANK YOU SO MUCH MORGAN and RITA!!! Also thank you for sharing this movie. Truly a beautiful and inspiring film.

  39. God dam Morgan Freemen can play any role

  40. After seeing the movie I started giving all the revues a thumbs up. But my thumbs got tired, cause there wasn't anyone that didn't like it.

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