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The Hoarders Series : Victor Chan

A seemingly discreet CEO of an event company has in his house, one of the largest collection of Jordans we’ve seen in some time. In this episode of Hoarders, we meet up with fellow Jordanhead, Victor Chan, as he talks us through his first Jordan love, his criteria when choosing a shoe, and his hardest cop yet, which isn’t what you expect it to be.

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  1. Can you do bryan botakchin collection ?

  2. Audio needs good mixing, but otherwise good stuff!

  3. That "Boost, Jordan, Foam and Vans" had me dead 😂

  4. that fucking audio ruined the entire video.

  5. For the editor it would be nice to lower the music down while they talking because its a bit too loud for a background sound.

  6. This 2 jokes doesnt know a shit

  7. guys go checkout @sneakersnutsofficial on ig, maybe you can make a video bout him. nike sb sneakerheads

  8. If you are reading this, you have done your duty! You can Go Home and Schleep Well!

  9. About this video

    Rich money + 30% knowledge and no history about the shoes + just follow the trend lol 👎

  10. Need to work on your audio

  11. bad puns and bad audio alsoo

  12. Legit shocked when the closet opens

  13. Happy that no Yeezys appeared . LOL

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