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The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2018 Q1

The first quarter of 2018 set the stage for what’s sure to be a big year in sneaker culture. Teaming up with StockX, we break down the 10 most valuable sneakers of 2018 Q1. We also look at the kicks that are taking up a majority of sales on the resell market. (Hint: They’re all Nike!)

**Edit** The video states the Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement” released in 1998, when in fact it was released in 1988.

Hit play above to see if any of your recent cops are on the come up.


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  1. Yeezy Beluga V2 2.0 ….

  2. Why does this snrakers cost 2000$ when quality of its material of it is not more than 100$

  3. That Kyrie looks like a German exclusive release

  4. Louis Vuitton made Abloh their design director HAHAHAHAHA holy shit they're trying hard to stay relevant.

  5. What about the j's 1 satin???

  6. yall need a new narrator. im sleep

  7. Black cement is still going for 160 euro in footlocker Netherlands lol, other stores its still for retail.

  8. this could have been kanye

  9. Game Royals are not valuable. You can get them for 10-20 over retail.

  10. Still rocking them Shaqs in 2018 boiiii!!!!

  11. All that resell money that doesn't go to Nike or Adidas.

  12. i queued for 6 hours for the game royals! Really worth it in my opinion

  13. “what’s a jordan 1 shadow?”

  14. The bred toe came out on my birthday but I never got a pair

  15. Jordan strictly back doored

  16. Missed the Sean Wotherspoons….

  17. Nike > Adidas
    Adidas hype wave is over they fcked up

  18. The Jordan 3 is from 88 not 98. What are you smoking? Shitshow Nike commercial.

  19. Everything Balenciaga is f**** trash

  20. This is whats wrong with sneaker culture. People only buy for value. You're a fucking vulture.

  21. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. And those 3s weren't from 98. They from 88.

  22. Only hypebeasts would watch this

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