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Taking Off My Sneakers And Ankle Socks

After coming in from a bike ride, I park my bike, kick the kickstand down, go over to the couch and take off my sneakers and little red no-show ankle socks, stretch and flex my feet and toes before changing out of my corduroys and into a skirt, putting on my sexy high heel shoes and walking away. [There is no nudity in this video. Legs are visible from the knee down only and undressing is implied.]

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  1. I would love the challenge of worshiping them . I would love you to smother my face with those feet . try to shove them as deep into my mouth as far as you could push them . I would gladly lick between your toes then suck each one into my mouth .

  2. You gotta be at least size 11 . the toes are suckable but 1 at a time . no way in hell could anyone put your whole foot in there mouth .

  3. Pretty feet and sexy purple toes

  4. i'm gonna wank a little now….

  5. Where r u from new subscriber from uk 🇬🇧 excellent work big toe begging to be sucked

  6. MY DAM GOODNESS!!.. You have "SUPER" 👣 dear!!😍👣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. i am in greece and yor videos are very cool but only if yor tall i like tall girls

  8. love this vodeo look at my video i am a tranc girl. you can call me 6944353561

  9. i think u are very beautiful and u have the sexiest feet ever. i would be honored to worship ure perfect feet goddess

  10. Thanks!!  Loved the take off struggle!!  More please!

  11. please show those sexy sweaty soles up close

  12. Wow, great video Violet. Have you got any white ankle socks you could wear in a video. Keep up the good work 😉

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