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Sneaker Battle: CjCity vs DC – Shoe Wars

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Sneaker Battle CjCity Vs DC Shoe Wars
Take a looks at this rematch as we have a sneaker battle and battle on another Episode of Shoe Wars! Sneaker Battle is with my friend who is a former pittsburgh steelers Safety. Check out this heated sneaker battle. This sneaker battle is Left in the hands of the fans so drop your COMMENTS BELOW For Each Round!! Who do you feel won this Shoe battle! In this sneaker battle we play everything from Air Jordan 1s, Jordan 2, Jordan 3, Jordan 4, Jordan 5, Jordan 10, Jordan 11 and Jordan 12s. Along with some other sneakers in this sneaker battle.

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  1. 1. Gold toe 1s
    2. Tinkers 3s
    3. Barron 9s
    4. Alternate 12s
    5. Pregrape 5s
    6. Concord 11s


  3. CJ only lost the last round

  4. The 12’s vs the 11’s was a good matchup

  5. You should have did somewhere around the same color as every shoe

  6. Good battle. I got DC. The purple 5’s I like.

  7. Cj you lost the last 2 rounds bro, dope video as always. Unbreakable where you at G!

  8. 14's, tinker 3's, 13's, draw round 4, ovo's, concords. 3-2-1 Cj

  9. 1. Gold toe 1'z winz
    2. Powdur blew 10'z winz
    3. Dmp 13'z winz
    4. Win lyke 96 11'z winz
    5. Olvio 10'z winz
    6. Concord 11'z winz

  10. 1: gold toe
    2: Powder Blue 10's
    3: dmp 13s
    4: Gym Red 12's
    5: ovo 10s
    6: concord 11s

    By the way @7:00 min mark, 12's are clearly better.

  11. I am upset 😡 I had to listen to you Rap !!! Stick to your kicks please

  12. Rd 1: CJ
    Rd 2: DC
    Rd 3: DC
    Rd 4: CJ
    Rd 5: CJ
    Rd 6: DC
    Tie Imo great video.

  13. See saw battle a draw Imo

  14. Man it was close but dc got this. Those 14's killer. With no hype… much doper shoe then the gold toes.

  15. Cj I bang w/ the game but y’all should use other shoes besides Jordan’s all the time

  16. Rd 1: gold toe
    Rd 2: th 3s
    Rd 3: dmp 13s
    Rd 4: win lke 96
    Rd 5: ovo 10s
    Rd 6: concord 11s
    Cj wins 5-1 almost had the sweep!

  17. 1. DC
    2. CJ
    3. CJ
    4. DC
    5. DC
    6. DC

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