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  1. Haha you’re talking about me in the comments about daan on Nike. Cool and I watch every episode

  2. I'd like to see Malto in the flat bar skate games. Ill let it pass this week with not mentioning Ellington off of supra but only because the skate fillet podcast is that rad but come on guys get it together! All jokes aside keep it up guys!

  3. Grant,

    Why isn’t Marc Johnson, Felipe Gustavo, Miles Silva on the Addidas team website?

  4. The berrics flatbar will bring much controversy. I myself are on the fence. One side is rules the other side is creativity

  5. And you shoudnt scrape a 5-0

  6. Would you guys refuse skate stoppers as a sponsor 😜

  7. Chris cole, Franky villani, and curren caples would do well in the flatbar

  8. Grant you sellout! XD
    Starting a new slap thread: "Grant of converse"

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