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Shoe Hacks

Hey guys! So this week I thought I’d share a couple of shoe hacks if you feel like McGuyvering up with a pair of shoe!
The hacks this video are about
How To Create Ribbon Ankle Straps
How To Avoid Blisters With New Shoes
and How To Stretch Shoes In The Freezer
If you’ve got any of your own nifty tricks you wouldn’t mind sharing- leave them in the comments below!
Otherwise if you’ve got any requests for videos let me know those as well.

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  1. Those are great! Especially the packing tape!

  2. I am going to try all of them yeehaaaaa

  3. all of them were fabulous.. Just my mum would never allow shoes in the refrigerator

  4. I love the red heels!! 🙂 Abundant Blessings!

  5. hello!! i need a shoe hack really badly.. I have got a pair of really pretty heels which has velcro strap on the ankle.. so when ever i try to walk in those shoes.. the strap keeps coming off.. These are my first pair of heels so i really don't know much about them.. maybe you could help.. thanks.

  6. I was gifted some really nice heels but one size bigger, any hack for solving that??

  7. hi, i have a pair of boots they are one size bigger than the size i wear, its uncomfortable when i walk , i really love those pair pls help me find a solution so i can wear them .

  8. Here's a shoe hack that actually works. When you buy a new pair of shoes, you can avoid getting blisters by: 1)damping some newspapers with water 2)scrunch up the newspaper 3)and place it inside the shoe overnight. This should stretch new shoes and make it easier to walk in. If it doesn't work the first time, you might need to try a second night trial. Hope that helps! 🙂

  9. Loved your videos. Useful, pragmatic, resourceful and add to that fashionable! Blessed be.

  10. how to stop sounds from new shoes ?

  11. Why are you so beautiful? and how is your smile so sweet??
    I really find all of your videos very helpful, I feel those positive vibes coming whenever I listen to you:) Thank you Jodie!

  12. I have ordered shoes in online got big size. how can I use that shoes create a hack on it

  13. You have amazing shoes!! Where do you get them?

  14. can u please tell the hack to contract the sandals a bit. high heels

  15. The ice pack does literally nothing. At least not in my experience.

  16. Any other things i can do to prevent blisters and the back of my feet???

  17. I will surely try your idea,thanks alot.

  18. I Jody what can I do to get a comfortable wear from my shoes,I wear size 7 and when I try them at the store they fits good but as soon as I start wearing them two or three times they start getting loose and dropping off.

  19. Thanks! I love the last pair of red shoes. Where are they from?

  20. what about the red line you get after you were heels for a long hours. do you have any preventable hacks for that? please let me know thank you.

  21. You're so adorable. loved the video 🙂

  22. Will the ice trick turn a size 10 into a size 11? Help a big foot woman out lol

  23. I use blister "bandaid" instead of tape, it's a bit more expensive but does the trick well, has a "fresh" feeling on the skin, is matte so blends well with the skin and stays on even in the shower.

  24. I always put some Vaseline or expired hand cream on the shoes where will hurt the foot before I wear it in first time.

  25. this is helpful thanks. i have lots of old shoes and dont want to throw it away. need some small repair and design so i think i can use it again. what should i do to it? can u pls. help me. so greatful if u response to me. godbless!

  26. Oh my gosh! Where are the shoes from the packing tape hack from? They are so cute!! Got a link to website?

  27. Thank you so much this was really helpful but !!!…. I have something to say really beautiful heels fit to my foot but I don't know how to walk on heels I end up having rashes and scratches .its really painful and this one time my cousins wedding was around the corner and so..I wanted to buy new heels so I went to a shop tried really cute heels on took one step forward to walk a little to make sure I'm confortable with it and Boom…I nearly tripped and the heel thankfully survived after that incident I haven't bought new heels and I'm afraid of wearing them cause I might trip!!!,

  28. wow that is really usefull hacks!
    thank you :*
    Hi from Russia:)

  29. And advice on maintaining patent leather? I have a brand new pair of patent shoes worn only twice and the patent leather is already cracking!

  30. thank u so so so so much I got my shoes back………..✌✌✌☺☺☺💋💋💜💜💜👍👍

  31. This is fantastic! I have a question: what do you do when you've erroneously bought high heels that are too big?

  32. Love it! Love the Ribbon Ankle Strap! Thanks Jodie xx

  33. Best video! Packing tape is genius!!!!

  34. Where on earth can I buy clear packing tape??

  35. Where did you get those red shoes?!?!?!

  36. The packing tape hack is genius! Thanks!

  37. Omg thanks so much for these. My life is changed!

  38. Does the last hack work only for leather shoes? I have a pair of soccer shoes and they are just a tiny bit small on my feet, so wearing them gives me blisters. I tried the ice trick but it did not work 🙁

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