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Review of the Fallen Slash Skate Shoes

A review of the fallen slashes
Price- $64.99

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LYNNFIELD搭載兩大備受愛戴的獨家科技:IMPACT S 超級鞋墊、SUPER SUEDE超級麂皮,前者為腳部最常 受力的區域提供防護和舒適度,緩解玩板時面臨的高 衝擊力;後者採用經典專利面料,雙倍耐用的麂皮材 質能有效加強鞋子耐用度。


  1. I love these shoes, and the pentagram looks raw.

  2. @skaterboarder23 thats a good idea they are already destroyed

  3. great review and very detailed, which i liked, but im assuming you skate since youre reviewing these shoes, so i have a suggestion. after a few weeks of skating make another update review, then when the shoes are completely destroyed, make a final update, just to show people the wear and tear of them

  4. @ilovemadisonterry everyday they will probably last about a month and a half

  5. @freakup2 only some of the 'Fallen Slash" have the color changing thing ..

  6. i got the same shoes but its greyish but they dont have colore changing stuff like that and the slash sign is inside the shoes and its was about 70 $ is it fake

  7. fallen slashes are good..

  8. @Bizoogle haha luckly i didnt i got a pair of es lol

  9. @Bizoogle I dont know how much you skate but 3 months is pretty good for a pair of skate shoes

  10. good review bro looks like im gonna buy them next thanks man subscribed and liked 🙂

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