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  1. Its a shameful admission but I haven't watched a standup comic for years. Hey, this guy Jeff Foxworthy is really good. One problem … being from Australia, I'm not sure what a redneck is, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it!

  2. I guess I know now where my financial situation stands .

  3. Love the in-law jokes!!! My in-laws were exactly the same Lol!!! Only difference is instead of Discovery Channel my father in law would sit about a foot away from the t. V. and this was the same room we're sleeping in. Ok at first you think wow that's nice he's right next to the TV so it will be quite. Next thing you know you're jumping out of bed because he's got the News on about as loud as it could possibly be!!! What makes it even funnier was seeing him, with TV full blast, he's cupping his ears so he can hear better.

  4. When people call me a redneck, I smile and take it as a compliment

  5. These jokes are reruns of his other performances!

  6. The Discovery channel? Be glad it's not the Playboy channel.

  7. I don't think foxworthy is a redneck but his family is without a doubt redneck and I live in the south!

  8. I love jeff foxworthy the way he talks about his family is just like mine hell we. might be related.😊

  9. "Like other predators of the plains, the jackal subdues his prey by cramping its neck and slowly squeezing the life out of its body" – ROTFL 😀

  10. You know that unwanted event when your brother (who’s been a loser permanently, I have to say) gets a beautiful woman to fall in love with him in a couple of weeks? Yep, that occured. I’m aware I should think well done, even so I want it to be me. He revealed that he ran the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wish to hide out in a cave at this moment.

  11. If you bothered to WATCH all of his comedy, you would see it isn't the same thing over and over.

    Talk about a waste of time, you are that and the space you occupy.


  12. I read where this guy is worth like 80 million- all for saying he is a redneck? His comedy is so stupid – he basically does the same show over and over!

  13. Fuck it. I'm bothered. My nephew resides on the floor above me and he as of late turned fantastic at attracting a lot of women. He discovered the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he's doing now is fucking women. He's continually pulling girls back and I can't help but hear it, which is yucky. I wish he had not discovered that site. I am envious!

  14. you're the scum of the earth if you think that.

  15. "Hey, you didn't bring your truck Witja-Didja?"

  16. Didn't know this guy existed until I looked his name up when he was mentioned in Homestuck. God damn I'm glad I did 😀

  17. If your mother still drives you to school your no gangster so pull your pants up

  18. Ha, I work with the hombres. This is really how they are and when asked about it, they say that's what they were taught but okay.

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