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Puma Fenty by Rihanna Bow Sneakers Unboxing | Fashion Confession

FENTY BY RIHANNA PUMA SNEAKERS UNBOXING. Yes, today I’m going to be showing you my new favourite sneakers from Puma! Wow!

FOOTLOCKER – PUMA FENTY by Rihanna Bow Sneakers http://bit.ly/2vNlvZV
WORLDWIDE – http://bit.ly/2vMy3kd


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  1. Hi, i really want to buy them too and your video finally convinced me to do it! 😍 Im gonna order them and I would like to know if seizes are pretty standard?

  2. I've actually been struggling trying to find something to wear with those exact sneakers. help!!

  3. LOVE these sneakers! I definitely have been eyeing a pair of Pumas…. 🙂 💕 great video!

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  14. OMG they're so cute!! I love the color so much 😍

  15. Those sneaks are so unique! I love the colour you picked and the bow is super cute x

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  32. I am in love with the purple shoe. Love it.

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