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Osiris: Arizona 2010

Corey Duffel, Shuriken Shannon, Peter Raffin, Elijah Berle, Jamie Palmore and Paul Sewell headed to AZ for the PHX AM.

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  1. How ya'll gonna take Jimmy Carlin's skate vid song?! Haha. Sick ass skating though, u guys got STEEZE!!!

  2. whats the first park they skate called??

  3. watch in 240p for worse quality 🙂

  4. @knetrgek whoa … exactly how I feel right now … even though it's (2 in the morning :D). cheers m8

  5. Makes you just wanna get your board and skate no matter how late it is…

  6. @kwballzandy el mirage skatepark in glendale arizona

  7. These dudes can skate but some of those tight ass pants I dont know about. Feel like I am watching a cool ballet with the dudes tights at around 1:35

  8. @mysteezyself i live in phoenix and i skat with problemskater haha he's having a part in my video im making

  9. ahhhhh this is makin me miss az more and more by the day 🙁

  10. 2:35 thats how we do with mafia boards ahah

  11. Elijah Berle looks like he is trying to fill the hole that Garrett Hill made when he left

  12. sometimes eljah berle dresses like garret hill, sometimes he dresses like a hipster….WTF?

  13. @socoolio elijah berle the kid who just won tampa am

  14. nice skating! i love ur brand and ur skate team. keep up the awesome work

  15. Perfect song Palmore and Shannon kill it

  16. @kezzofilms yeah man who doesnt know problemskater hes so good

  17. what park is that at the begening?

  18. Where is that ledge at 2:18 – 2:36? it looks really sick.

  19. that is good keep practicing

  20. :41 damn! but i miss seeing jimmy in these vids =/

  21. what skate park is at 1:35 ?

    i know the first one at the beginning cause i go there like every day, but don't recognize the other one.

  22. @TheNurdProductions arrowhead mall i think.

  23. shurikan's benhanna was ill

  24. shoulda skated wit problemskater hahahaha

  25. guys. check it out at 2:32. when he locks the trucks he got a bit of sparkling there!


  26. @Solaris102 hes not on the team anymore.

  27. elijah seems like corey's heir to the thrown of awesomeness. When does he get on the team? is he AM cause i don't seem him. Flow probably.

  28. @AdioGarbage lolz sounds gay

  29. @skateonsurf The song is "Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You)" by A Flock of Seagulls.

  30. @PGLEINAD The guy with the tight black pants (and the dark hair) is Elijah Berle.

  31. that park has some retarted ass obstacles and some kool ones

  32. @PGLEINAD duffel i believe

  33. I didn't think the last trick was good. I was like, "Oh I can do that" 🙂 But then I relized it was switch. 🙁

  34. Who's the guy in the tight black pants?

  35. OMG! OMG! FIRST!… no just kidding. 😀 but that was fucking sick

  36. fuck yeah duffel back again

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