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NINTENDO VANS!! The Coolest Shoes Ever

Nintendo Vans have arrived!! I’m a huge sneakerhead, and so these Mario themed shoes are a dream come true!! Which pair are your favorite??

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  1. did he take that intro from zailetsplay?

  2. bra I got those mario shoes

  3. ghosts old hair made him look horible

  4. i like the white and gold ones

  5. Ghost got more hoes than mystic

  6. Dayum GhostRobo, Back at it again with the Nintendo Vans

  7. Those are Sweet! I like the Gray one's the best!

  8. men you act like retarded don't talk too much louder, just show ya kicks not ya d!ck face.

  9. By the way it's phineas and ferb

  10. I got a pair of Nintendo vans that aren't any of the three in the video, I'm confused now

  11. jesus he's rude to her. chill down with the interrupting ghost

  12. I'm looking for a comment that says what are those.

  13. I thought he was going to say "Becka and me got engaged"

  14. Becca is so beautiful god damn

  15. nobody gives a shit about your life

  16. His girlfriend is so beautiful damn son.

  17. whydafaq do you have so many girlfriends man, just stick with 1…

  18. you guys ARE FANTASTIC!! …. i'm gonna get a pair for sure!! x) xDD

  19. +GhostRobo I'm starting a YouTube channel and do you have any tips

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