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  1. Women that would wear these shoes would not date the type of men that ere interviewed.

  2. Shoes are sexy but you don't need to spend thousands. It's more about the woman in the shoes.

  3. Lol wtf they just picked the ugliest "it" shoes they could find to get funny reactions

  4. They are VERY EXPENSIVE.
    They are NEVER WORN by any women.
    They are VERY UGLY.

    They are received as Christmas gifts and then repackaged and regifted to someone else.

  5. Very very stupid video.

    Most women NEVER EVER EVER EVER wear these shoes.

    They are meant to be bought for a TON OF MONEY and worn one night for one hour and then placed in the closet and never be worn for 10 years !!!

  6. I thought almost all heels were sexy until I watched this video. Those were some ugly fuckin shoes!

  7. of and hmm i gan either get a pair of these shoes or a car and get it taxed or maby i can get a pair of perfectly $10 shoes at the market and get the car what are women smoking when they buy stuff like this whatever it is it must be hippie strenth or that jamacans personal stash ask any man how much there shoes cost theyl proberbly ignore you but ones that do give you a answer the single most exspensive male shoe ive ever seen was $110 dollers and youd have to of been dumb to buy it

  8. I like bradley cooper in this video.

  9. So first off I learned from this that the sluttier the shoe (Example:the first neon shoe) the more men like them (typical cause men loooove slutty lol). Second, Some idiot designs shoes because those were all ugly. For doing something like this atleast get shoes that look good, then let the guys look! You got YUCKY taste in shoes!!! LOL!!!

  10. lol weed makes everything look good.

  11. FUCK all those shoes were fucking HOT!!!!

  12. I guess this is why women's shoes aren't made for men haha

  13. @DreamYourOwnDream We really do care. The shoes that a woman wears says a lot about their personality. That's why we men flash judgements about a woman based on everything that she is visible. Remember, we are extremely visual. More so than women.

  14. I like that they are honest, i agree with some of them.

  15. what was the point of this video? none of the guys said the same thing so were you trying to prove a point?

  16. These guys obviously don't know anything about shoes! LOL

  17. These are Beaded Khussa designer shoes for the Womens. This is traditional Indian shoes.These are Very soft and comfortable shoes.these shoes are also wear with matching designer dress.These shoes are Available in sizes 6 to 11 USA 3 to 9 UK 36 to 44 EUR and in slim narrow medium wide and double wide widths.

  18. I've paid 3 and 400 dollars for one book and I would pay 600 dollars for an occult grimoire book

    Whatever I spend my money on books so I'm not some dumb ass bitch but yeah whatever lol

  19. Boring I wear tena shoes with skirts and I could give a fuck what other women or men think

    The question is what do u think of this book?

    If this women would read 3 to 5 books a week she wouldn't be asking such dumb ass questions

    Go to the bookstore damm


  21. Any shoe that says "I'll fuck you" is a shoe that guys like.

    Stop avoiding the truth

  22. @THEwolfKiana
    are you tho?
    do you ask girls if theyr shoes are confortable before you stroll them round the park?
    cose if so I'm sure you'll find ALOT of girl that will digg you up on youtube

  23. Im just like those boys.

  24. & since when the fuck , are the shiny glitzy stuff overcompensating for not beeing attractive? asshole , i kinda digg the red ones

  25. "Are these comfortable?"

    I will pray for you & your well beeing boy!

    'bout them shoes tho, fuckign ewwww, expensive & they look like shit!

  26. Those were all HIDEOUS shoes. I don't give a shit if they're $50 or $500 dollars, I wouldn't be caught dead in them.

  27. LOL at the man who liked all of them XD
    and the NEON one is UGLY X(

  28. @PictureGoodCom right on! when it comes to shoes, the more whimsical they are, the more imaginative and outgoing the girls are. it speaks her personality, is she a corporate bore, a bold ferocious woman, a dainty priss, classical but sexy. that's how you read a women before getting to know her.

  29. yeah that "middle thing" looks awful in those shoes at least

  30. @LearnLanguages1 except for the guy with the dreads…. he liked the shoes.

  31. "Are these comfortable?" Bless him! "You could go on vacation for that money." Right on!

  32. XD the neon shoes for 1000 dollars, you have to be a real snob to spend that much on that ugly thing, just so you can brag that you could spend that much on one pair lol I would rather get 10 pairs for 100 $ each, or 20 pairs for 50$ each lol

  33. these shoes were hideous

  34. those red ones are HOT! but the others are fashion victims

  35. FACT:
    Men don't give a crap about women shoes.
    belive me I am one of them

  36. yea he loved all of them…..so im sorry for his gf….

  37. ROFL @ black guy saying "it looks really nice" at 1:55

  38. I only liked the black and white dior ones, the red dior ones are ok but not with sequins on the shoe aswell as heel just heel would of been better.
    Prada shoes wtf! no comment

  39. Every woman should have at least one pair of pointy stiletto pumps and see what happens when they leave them on for sex.

  40. I just love a woman in heels, but I must concur, that I was even oddly turned off by some of that footwear. And I REALLY LOVE female feet, shoes and stuff. They looked great artistically speaking, but those shoes could not stand on their own. Sorry ladies. Truth from a foot lover.

  41. who the hell that 'fucking serious' man?
    that's really bad,,,dud,,,,,

  42. the fag queer in the ugly orange hair should not be commenting on anything related to style. Look at him,fucking clown. Now the Black guy, he knows fashion or sexy shoes. The other guys,some were honest and critiqued right.

  43. there so fuckin stupid and lol the dude that said these are realy nice like borat i was gonna say burno lol

  44. lol that was funny… i like the last comment. good for a weapon.. men r funny. girls its okay to laugh at them..they don't live in our world.. Their just here for us ladies to look at.

  45. its killing me!
    i mean, they were mean

  46. hahahaha good for getting mugged..
    those shoes were all so ugly.

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