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My Shoe Collection !! | Khadejah Nicole

You guys requested it and I am giving it to you! Here’s my sneaker Collection, if you would like a part 2 get this video to 20 likes & comment down below:) If your reading this drop this emoji below 🎈.
#shoecollection #sneakercollection #jordans
INSTAGRAM: @Khadejahhnicole
SNAPCHAT: @khvdejaaah

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  1. your hecka pretty bro wthhhh😫👀😍😍

  2. Can I have I of your shoe plz all my friends laughed at me for not having no clean or shoe gang I just want for in

  3. I wanted the aqua 12's…..but I been trying to get my money together and I didn't clutch em

  4. the 11 lows I want them so bad that's on my chrismas wishlist

  5. All your shoes 💯💯
    Happy belated Birthday 🎂🎉🎁 ❗❗❗❗🌠🌸💖💖 part 2

  6. Happy belated birthday ❤️❤️

  7. Where's the next sneaker collection😴

  8. hey girl! Just subbed 💗🖤 dannnng you got the kicks for real sus 😩😩 #notifications on

  9. Your really pretty, also new Subbie here I love your content so far this video was great you should do a video about the apps you edit with I’m also a new YouTuber I was wondering can we support each other and please return the favor god bless 💛

  10. New subscriber 💕❤️😭 I love your video I make YouTube videos also would love if you stopped by and subscribed and supported me I look forward to new videos of yours 😍😍😍

  11. so pretty! 😍 happy belated birthday lol. new sub , hope we can support each other ❤️

  12. HBD Doll… Nice one and I just hit the red button darling, let's support each other thanks for sharing

  13. New here, your shoes are dope. I also like your intro 👍🏽

  14. dangggggggg you got allotta ahoes

  15. the red checkered vans ouuu

  16. 😍😍💜 Ouu. Gurll u cute 😍 good video mind checking out my channel😩☺

  17. I subscribe from the pet support each other live and I like poor after watching this 💀💀💀😂 already I haven’t watch the full video yet btw your hair cute gurl

  18. Your so pretty😍😍😍, happy late birthday & what size are yu ?

  19. happy late bday😫😍!!

  20. Wow I'd worship and clean all your shoes

  21. Oh and happy late late birthday ❤️

  22. New Subbie I love your braids and your shirt is cute and you have so many shoes And hopefully we can support each other and please return the favor

  23. Loved this video should get more views 😚💗😜

  24. omg can I have all of these sneakers D: i love this video! I just subbed and was wondering if you wanted to support one another(:

  25. the 5s buh in university red 🤤

  26. Thank you guys for watching ‼️ Make sure you turn on the POST NOTIFICATION bell so you will never miss a video and be alerted when I post 🤘🏾 Also, don't forget to subscribe 💗 I am currently 2 subs away from 100 subscribers

  27. Happy birthday fat head😝❤️

  28. Happy birthday your finally 21🎊

  29. Hey I got those light aqua 5s, bleach coral 11s, olive 12s, and the black vans

  30. Happy birthday to the best hair stylist👑💛🎂

  31. Can I get the aqua 12s I really wanted those but they were sold out everywhere

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