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  1. Your chick is beautiful inside and out my dude! God bless you guys and keep up the great work!

  2. You should make yout collection grow.
    To have the best and biggest femal collection on youtube. 🙂

  3. Thnx for sharing your collection and being awesome!!!

  4. Love her shoes hope I can get all of them soon

  5. All of a sudden fam still nice vid

  6. Wow Kais ur girl has a really good collection and keep up the good work

  7. mina what size men shoe do you wear ? i am a size 7 w so not sure what to get

  8. "Don't judge a book by it's cover until you actually see it in person"- The fuck are you talking about

  9. Oh god every time you showed yourself in the mirror and played music I died laughing hahahaha

  10. Her cops are Hard!!!!!!! Box is dope love you guys stay blessed.,

  11. Culture vulture… but no hate

  12. I love this guy and her they are so cute and he has an amazing channel

  13. Awesome collection and the box looks sweet

  14. look at this big head thot lookin

  15. Nike's or jordons r very uncomfortable & smells so bad after some time

  16. Best female sneaker collection on YouTube

  17. have u ever bought a fake pair of yeezys before

  18. Nice collection. However, I dig that Chanel trunk. Where did you cop that?

  19. Wowww smart girl,she married you for your money

  20. Her collection's sponsored by Qias 'L' Omar

  21. that isn't a starter sneaker collection its a great one

  22. I like how much you take care of her and how you’re the reason she’s into sneakers now. That’s some real shit Qias ??????

  23. When she says a yeezy v2 is a classic ??

  24. Mina has a better collection than me…. LMAO

  25. “That’s it let’s go home “ had me dead cuz

  26. Yo u guys are so amazing love you guys so much keep working hard

  27. Bro why did I die everytime he put the camera on him ?

  28. Keep up the hard work ❤️??

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