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Mens Streetwear Haul [NEW Summer 2018] Inspiration For Men

Mens streetwear haul is todays video, again im filming the 30 degree heat. In todays mens haul 2018 I have 4 products to show you guys, I’m showing you boys 4 diverse mens streetwear products in todays streetwear haul. Let me know what you thought of this mens summer haul down below in the comment section.

Items Featured:

Vest: https://goo.gl/zEcXtm
Dad Shoes: https://goo.gl/vGvZ5A
Bag: https://goo.gl/rEWn5C

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  1. Where’d you get the last t-shirt from? (The outfit with the bag)

  2. Dude POST MORE!!! You actually have amazing style unlike so many “style” youtubers out there .

  3. “A few debit cards” 😭

  4. Can you make a budget back to school outfits?

  5. You’re partnering up ASOS model

  6. What. Are we going to be GTA online characters next fashion haul?

  7. Jake i love your introduction ♥️♥️cool

  8. I ain’t getting caught wearing that vest

  9. #dropthem sorry … BTW huge fan… ☺️🙏👍❤️

  10. In the thumbnail you looked like a school shooter…………….jk

  11. Been looking at your videos for a while, congrats you just had a new sub😂

  12. Do «how to dress like Conor Mcgregor» please

  13. What the fuck is that 'utility vest'. It looks like one of those cheap nerf vests xD

  14. I didn’t like any of these ajjajajaja

  15. Man City play Sunday, not Saturday 🤦‍♂️

  16. I ain't spending my cash on a utility vest when it makes u look like a bloody copper

  17. Yesssssssss you absolute geeeeeeeeeeza

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