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Men’s Pull & Bear Clothing Haul | Summer 2018

Men’s Pull & Bear Clothing Haul | Summer 2018

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Item’s In The Video👇🏽
Black Shirt – http://tidd.ly/59d6e13b
Striped Polo – http://tidd.ly/f6e04ed4
Green Sweater – http://tidd.ly/700b6040
Navy Shorts – http://tidd.ly/522efdd2
Sky Blue Shorts – http://tidd.ly/125ce4cf

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  1. The polo with the stripes looks great. The stripes are really everywhere this summer, and those 90s/vintage looking shirts. Nice Haul Josh!

  2. Can you do a video on socks? The different types/styles. What goes with what, colours, patterns/plain etc.

  3. Nice haul. You look great with and without shirts on 🙂

  4. Sport clothes fits you well, You really look sexy in shorts! NIce legs!

  5. Badass body for the clothes

  6. I like those jersey shorts. I've been on the polo kick too, but my go-to have always been nice t-shirts.

  7. Haven’t seen the video yet. But I can imagine “very nice” and “dead nice” were used multiple times 😂

  8. Subscribed couple of days ago keep going mate love this helped me a lot!

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