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Meet the Man Behind the Ever-Growing Sneaker Culture of Okinawa, Japan | Open the Box

A few weeks back, we got the chance to visit Okinawa, Japan to check out the budding sneaker culture there. One sneaker enthusiast, Kris Drone, has taken it upon himself to organically enhance the sneaker scene in Okinawa. A USA military member on one of the busiest bases in the world, Drone has found a way to merge the Japanese locals and his fellow military family into one, big, unique scene through his sneaker shop, Get ‘Em Kicks, and an annual sneaker convention. View the video above to see our own George Kiel chop it up with Drone about the beginnings, demand and purpose of the ever-growing sneaker community in Okinawa.

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  1. Jesus I’m old these dudes are young

  2. This guy is so legit in so many ways. Respect. 💪🏽

  3. Love this vid. Great job Coiski.

  4. Wow they got an undftd at least in Okinawa.

  5. Oki 04-06 picked up a pair of bred 13s from Naha….#usmc 👍

  6. I go to get em kicks every time I go to Okinawa.

  7. Okinawa is the Alabama of Japan

  8. Great looking shop, and video.
    Keep up trying good work George.

  9. He studied feet in college lmao

  10. Shout out the military in japan…100

  11. My brother Kris Drone…. proud of you bro…. everyone please support and go follow getemkicks on the gram

  12. That slam dunk mural was dope as hell

  13. Another GREAT video. Thank you.

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