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Lakai x Our Life Episode 1

Raven Tershy loaded up his van with the Our Life and Lakai crews and headed from Oakland up to the Northwest.

A month long journey up the West Coast with nothing but boards, beers, and bips, all put together by the guy who brought you the infamous “House Vid,” Aaron Chilen.

Featuring: Raven Tershy, Cody Chapman, Jafin Garvey, and D’Ontae Smith

Guest Starring: Raney Beres, Big Hongry, and the homie Elliott

Check the gear Raven and crew are skating at Lakai.com

#Lakai #LakOurLife

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  1. wheres that old school park thats like the xmen logo at???

  2. 2:49 great falls MT! Thats where most of my family is. That park is a blast. I was thinking about it and then saw it in this video. so sick you guys skated it

  3. What's the track playing in the Van?

  4. Northern California isn't as good as they showed it to be but there's some good spots in a few places. It's cool that they went through Redding though

  5. Raven is so fuckin dope and underrated how hasn't lakai given him is own shoe

  6. i live on lake superior that gordon lightfoot track was on point!

  7. Now someone here must tell me the name of the country-ish song

  8. I'm losing my poop just thinking about skating the little ramp on the back of the full pipe. "Little Jimmy died when he failed to lock in to a 50-50 stall on a 4 foot ramp"


  10. true skateboarding doesnt need corporations

  11. does anyone still wearing shoes like Lakai or DVS and smthng like this this days?:DD

  12. So the big dude at the end walked off his board to slam into Raven ? For no reason ~

  13. fuck yessssss!!!!!! time to drink

  14. for the first 7 and a half minutes i thought the dude in the vans slip ons doing the inverts was Sam Smyth!!

  15. Damn this video is sick I wanna go skate all these spots now! Lakai is my favorite shoe brand too!

  16. was the second song necessary?

  17. love this video by lakai and crailtao !!!

  18. Gordon lightfoots best song ever

  19. 0:26, that's at Klamoth Falls, California! I was fortunate to fly to the mainland and be able to drive up/down the whole West Coast during the summer.

    It looks a lot more rugged when your there. The most random thing in that park is that one dark marble ledge at the bottom of the bowl that's to the right of that massive burnside one. {Wait, I mean this probably is in Oregon NOT California, thx Jaden}

  20. Really great I love Lakai 🙂

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