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NIck Jensen
Danny Brady

Filmed and Edited By:
Henry Edwards-Wood


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  1. What shoe is the shoe called?

  2. It there like one board for regular footed people and one for goofy footed?

  3. I have those shoes really domt like it is there better lakiais kik me 22EdRiS22 i cant see ur reply to the comment

  4. better than most cruisers shapes

  5. Every shoe is only gonna last 3 weeks if you do only one or 2 tricks the whole time. You have to balance it out to make sure that a single area isn't gonna wear out.

  6. Mike Mo: the shoes i used to skate

  7. 0:34 se! lol lol Oo segue PSS (naodiumveterano)

  8. then maybe you dont know how to skate.

  9. Maybe you shouldn't watch the video if you like the shoes

  10. thumbs up if you have on manchester selects on right now

  11. You must not skate often because I skate every day for anywhere from 3-6 hours and I'm lucky if a pair of shoes lasts me more than 3 weeks before the side has a huge hole in it and the soles are worn as hell. 3 weeks is the norm at least for a street skater where flip tricks dominate.

  12. lakais are shit every pair ive ever bought lasted 3 weeks tops

  13. no te jalaran solo para un lado ?

  14. I'd molest a heard of giraffe for that borad.

  15. Henry Edwards-Wood all day!

  16. There is a goofy one look at 00:39

  17. where's that brick bank spot in London? I'm in London right now. Is it by the Tower Bridge?

  18. that board is a bit wired to skate, but looks so nice

  19. if you want the damn board, than fukin MAKE IT !!

  20. Someone payed him to step in dogpoo.

  21. Please make this into a real board.

  22. I hope that guy was pro

  23. nobody knows how much i want that board.

  24. The part of shit is so annoying it stop me buying Lakai.

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