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  1. Are they flexible at all like can your toe go around for tre flips ?

  2. i've had mine for like 3 months now, i skate everyday constantly, yet i have only got one hole in shoe from doing kickflips and tre flips

  3. @RainCityLocal yeah true true.

  4. I have those shoes the doesnt suck -.- is the way you are skating you are flicking your heelflips so you that hole that i hasnt done yet xD and I have no holes and your kickflips are way up on the toe cap soo 😀 the shoe is an pro modell and it is WORTH 60 bucks or what ever it was 😉

  5. i cant skate much in the winter ( i live in alaska ) so yeah… next summer my right shoe will get its moneys worth dont worry.

  6. why not do some more switch? it makes a pair last twice as long and your getting better in your other stance 🙂

  7. because that was what i was working on getting on lock at the time, i was 13 dude. 1st like 4 months of skating or something, and i barely skate.

  8. @greendragon448 dude not reay get these shoes and kickflip them for a week straight like 5 hours a day they will rip trust me they rip easy.

  9. Fallen ok. Circa ok. But never get circa al50 lopez they suck

  10. all lakais rip really fast.

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