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Lakai Griffin Skate Shoes Review – Tactics.com

Check it out at Tactics — http://www.tactics.com/lakai/griffin-skate-shoes/?cp=yt

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  1. I started skating about a month ago nd i wanna try ollies but dont wanna ruin my converse shoes so should i buy the lakais? They r at a pretty good price in my local skate shop

  2. tactics is so cool keep coming with more videos

  3. How long did they last?

  4. i was abble to remove the soul but part of it ripped cause it was glued so i just switched for the maranna insole

  5. Yeah pretty much they're the same.

  6. are the lakai & ES has the same sizing? im running 10.5 in adidas and 11 in ES im planning to buy a lakai brea what size can you suggest? tnx

  7. @TacticsBoardshop on foot review????

  8. i want these!!!! plus lakai is 100% for skateboarding, so i know where my moneys going. straight to Carroll's beers bro

  9. does anyone know how they fit, as far as length?i usually wear 9.5 in vans should i go half a size down, up or stay the same? havn't skated a pair of lakais in like 4 years, i forgot how they fit

  10. I'd love to visit your shop some day

  11. anyone skated a pair yet?? how similar are they in terms of fit, compared to the classic manchester selects? sometimes lakai makes shoes that look sick as fuck but don't work out for people with wider feet. are the griffins foot chokers or what? would it help to go up half a size? do they feel hella narrow like the manchester xlk's? someone please reply!!! i must know the scoop

  12. I've been skating the Cons Trapasso Mids. I like 'em and they've held up great. -Benson

  13. @tacticsboardshop if u skate what is your favorite skate shoe or a recommended shoe that last a while ?

  14. Hey Benson I was just wondering if you were gonna do another wear test review because those are cool.

  15. Would you recommend this shoe? I loved my lakias but quality wasnt so great, i heavily skate and they lasted a little over three weeks, so do you think these could at least go through 2 months?

  16. all lakai shoes look the same

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