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  1. You should check out kuwallatee.com great quality denim and clothing! Good prices !

  2. Woah sir I think you mean you have two friends who are girls?

  3. You spent $35 plus $15 shipping for a $15 coupon. 😂😂

  4. Hes would you consider doing a video of how the V2s have held up over time with pros and cons like you did for the V1? Thank you!

  5. You can’t tell it’s Nike from the tape on the box anyway?

  6. Hey bro! Have u ever heard of nike air 290?? Is a mix of the airmax 270 and the epic react… but havent seen them anywhere… probably a knockoff… let me know!

  7. 40$ or more for stockx to ship to me

  8. girlfriends at work? your wife is so understanding and …. open lol

  9. The nike app been acting up for me .😠 those kyries look fresh nice color on them.
    Nike needs to stop with swoosh on the boxes.

    Keep.up the good work
    Bay fam

  10. Two gf s at work my mans a player. You do you playboi

  11. Yes! Nike should stop branding shipping boxes. Now everyone knows what I am getting at work. Nike please stop branding!📫

  12. Wish you’d stop moving the Irving’s so much 😷

  13. I think it's crazy that Nike did that after everyone complained about adidas posting the sku on the box

  14. 2:20 woah woah woah there hes got him some girlies at work 😂 (don’t say girlfriends like that man)

  15. I'm liking the Kyrie 5 but that colorway is hideous

  16. I bought these for work where I work in somewhat of a business casual environment. It's served it's purpose as a low key shoe yet still being sneaker. Fits well and everyone loves them.…From justdoshoes,Com

  17. the strap in the kyries, is the nike flytrap technology

  18. , everyone needs to stop buying yeezys, fuck kanye and everything he represents

  19. I NEED HELP. Okay so basically I bought the Nike Tanjuns today and I want to make sure it's the right choice. I was mainly going to use them for running and bike riding. I bike ride around 2 miles and walk around 7. Will these shoes fit my needs?

  20. So you like that Illuminati stuff smh (Kyrie box)

  21. You should calm down with the volume of shoes/clothes you buy and try something higher quality

  22. Illuminati on kyrie box lid

  23. As soon as you said you got 2 girlfriends at work I was like these comments are about to blow up!

  24. Hes has two girlfriends at work lol

  25. Bro leave them, they be golddigging, ditch the hoes

  26. I won $10 which I'll have to use within 90 days. Well played StockX. I played myself.

  27. A wife and 2 girlfriends at work homeboy playing on the field

  28. A wife and 2 girlfreinds 😂🤦‍♂️

  29. Got my 350 sesame in the mail Friday, sold them last night. Wanted to make them work, but that toe box cage really tightened my size 14's to much. Ah well. Maybe its time to try the 750's?

  30. I frickin' copped those Yeezy's but it says on my tracking that the order was confirmed and is still waiting to be packed!?!?!!? WTF!! I have been waiting for this color way since they announced it.. now I have to wait for Adidas to get their shit together and send. The worst part is I am a Nike guy!! (Checks over stripes all the way) this is actually my first time dealing with Adidas. I usually get my Yeezy's through Yeezy Supply or some other Shopify site. So, not a good first impression from Adidas!!

  31. hold up hold up this fool got two girl friends

  32. taco is really good friends with tyler the creator. hes a dj and he raps sometimes.

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