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HUGE SHOE COLLECTION 2017 + try on / Kallie Kaiser

Here is a sneak peak into my closet… (;

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song: OLMOS – Hold Me [Majestic Color] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf_S0-V6wTE

All Shoes that I could find online are linked Below:

Shellys London Black Patent Leather boots

Princess Polly Boutique
Black Patent Leather heeled boots

Jeffrey Campbell Cors Suede Lace Up Sandler booties (Black)

Jeffrey Campbell Cromwell Cutout Western Boot (OG’s / Favs)

Jeffrey Campbell Silver Hardware with red Suede

Jeffrey Campbell Hawthorne Boots (Black with silver hardware chains) http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/shop-all/hawthorne#.WK5sxxjMz6Y

Jeffrey Campbell Denim Patched Booties

Public Desire
Snake Skin Booties
Elsa Sock Fit Black Booties

Frye Women’s Greene High Back Zip Sneakers
Couldn’t Find online…

Free People
Last Outlaw Ankle Cheetah boots

Hologram Booties YRU Slayr

Jeffery Campbell Tamaya Sandals (Red and silver studs)

Adi Ease Adidas

Silver Crushed Velvet Boots – Missguided

Sam Edelman DION Studded Sandals

(some are affiliated Links)
Thanks for watching! xx

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» kallieAkaiser@gmail.com
Xo hope you enjoyed this video!

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  5. I liked watching this video so much, your style is amazing I love your shoes and you're super style-savvy

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  7. how tall are you? and your age?

  8. I love love Jeffrey Campbell shoes! They're unique and amazing. I have 5 pairs of them so far but your Jeffrey Campbell collection is epic! They are gorgeous!!

  9. Your collection is fabulous. I am in love with those lavender tennis shoes with the scale texture.

  10. followed after this video xxx

  11. i am so in love with your style :((

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  16. College outfits ideas, please

  17. I love your taste in shoes!

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  20. The black booties with all the silver hardware are to die for, I also love the black sandles with all the silver buckles 😀

  21. Your love for boots is on my level. I'm subscribing.

  22. So you don't mind holding your dirty shoes like that?


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