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How to | Skater Streetwear

How to shredddd some looks with ur thrashing swag brooooo.

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  1. Ok supreme is not a skate brand first of all

  2. I know how the real skaters dress like and it is not this bs

  3. This is how the posers that think they can skate dress like

  4. I find that most skaters wear nike, adidas and emerica. Vans are not that popular in skating. If you want to wear vans while skating: take the pros! The normal ones tend to rip on you when putting them on.

  5. Every second poser motherfucker dresses like this. Honestly, why people dress like skaters, when they barely even seen a skateboard in their lives?
    And man, you're talking so fuckin disrespectful about skaters.

  6. Don't wear thrasher just don't if you don't skate just stop

  7. get a pair of dickies 874 cuff them then there perfect for skating

  8. Most skaters prefer pants while skating as it’s more protective than shorts

  9. This just pushes the posers agendas. Just wear whatever is comfortable and works for you. Brands (except for shoes really) don't matter

  10. "Surfers are the skaters of the sea" boi

  11. Skating started because people wanted to surf on land just search it up no h8 towards the video just wanted to put it out there

  12. This video is disgusting

  13. I love your videos but this is fucking terrible you’ll just get laughed at by every skater that sees you wearing this

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