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**How to never tie your shoes again**

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Do you want to transform your everyday shoes into comfortable, hassle free, never tie again slip-ons?
This is how you do it!

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  1. Why this is in my recommendation..? 🤔

  2. Why is this in my recommendation? I am not that much lazy😂

  3. Just cut the ties and u will never tie them again

  4. That’s what I have been doing since i was a little

  5. The shoelace is a paid actor

  6. Boy wearing some fake vans out here

  7. Wait what , i didnt understood

  8. How is a video from 5 years ago that doesn’t even have a million views pop up on my suggestions? Fucking YouTube 😂

  9. Anta fadeee fash555 i didnt find the middle f btw

  10. Just Buy chelsea boots or slip-ons

  11. Why is this im recommendation in 2018

  12. YouTube Recommendations was once again on point.

  13. Man I preffer to lose 10 seconds tieng my shoes than this thing😂😂

  14. I dont even know why i watched this video because i only use laceless shoes

  15. Moral of the story: just buy some slip ons…

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