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How to make shoes: Single cut pattern for high heel pumps

Single cut pattern for high heel pumps is not simple as usual tutorial, but you can visit my blog for the full description.

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  1. Hello! Why are you still making the last copy with paper? Waxfoils are much more efficient. 😉

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  13. How to find out Toe point, vamp point, instep, and back point according to sizes

  14. Thank you for sharing knowledge. Nice video!

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  21. Hello Jesus,
    Thank you . I made entire Guide for Penny Loafers, and you can find it in my blog, look for the link in description or just click the annotation in the video. (where it says Download Penny Loafer Shoes Guide Now!)

  22. Hello my name is Jesus Sanchez, footwear and modeller'm his fan, I really like the technique you use, you will have some video on Loafers Shoe.

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