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How to Make Cheap Boots Look Expensive

I get it. I show a lot of expensive things on this channel and it may be discouraging to a student or young man looking to begin curating a wardrobe. This is a technique I first saw on Dappered and have always wanted to try; it essentially makes cheap leather look more expensive. How? Well you’ll need a few things: a horsehair brush, a dauber, and black shoe polish. I went with the Saphir black because it’s so pigmented but you can try your favorite brand too. All you do is give the boots a shine using the same steps you would with a normal shoe, but the black polish darkens the leather and brings out the edges nicely. They may not be hand painted and distressed but this is a budget build after all!
Yes, over time the polish will wear off. Its probably best to stick with medium to dark trousers until they’ve really dried out and any loose polish has been removed – keep your white denim away!

Saphir Shoe Polish – http://amzn.to/2mAXhhP

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  1. What do you think? Would you try this technique on a pair of shoes or boots? Let me know in the comments below!

  2. they does not look expensive, therefore clickbait therfore thumb down

  3. However take the 80 or $90 and throw it on the $260 boots and having forever.

  4. Man…I do this all the time and get really nice compliments. I have some Red Wings that make women moist! Also, I've done this same thing with some sixty dollar boots. I load on the wax and set them out in the warm sun for an hour or so. Then buff em up. Once you get the look you want, color wise…Then just wax em with neutral wax when you want a shine.

  5. Nice. It's just a shame you can't buff a good construction into cheap shoes….

  6. So, basically, polish your shoes…

  7. The Saphir shoecream actually has ingredients to make your shoes shine after polishing.
    Don't use the Kiwi polish anymore on color shoes except black shoes.
    Good video. I usually apply Saphir bright orange shoe cream on my brown boots.

  8. Shows the shoe! Don’t stamp leather!

  9. After ff’ing 3 minutes of talking, great video

  10. Fantastic video. That's something I will definitely try. Thanks.
    My only criticism is the background music. It sounds like the soundtrack to some erotic thriller from Cinemax or the Red Shoes Diary.

  11. Just as Danugo 67 wrote: I have set fire to the Kiwi polish so it liquefied, and for me, it's still the very best shoe polish, even brown shoes will be black with only two layers

  12. I tried to change the colour of my dress shoes with black polish

  13. those are a sick pair of boots, where can i get a pair?
    ALSO QUESTION. i have a pair of dark brown boots kind of like the final product there, but i want to make them lighter , kind of like the before version of these ones u showed. is that possible!?? and how?

  14. Hey man is it possible to color the entire boot/shoe from brown to completely black. If possible do provide some advise or better still make a tutorial video on this.

  15. black negro…demonitized

  16. those look really nice . where can I get some?

  17. Don't let it touch water, it will look awful!

  18. Now they look like cheap, distressed furniture. UGH — !!!

  19. Nordstrom rack and Black Fridays

  20. Am I the only one who wants the name or title to the smooth, calm music in the background?

  21. Any tips on how i can make my shoes one or two shades lighter?

  22. I wonder if they actually look better now

  23. Great tip especially because I am in the market for new boots this season! I really like the boots you polished in the vid actually, remember where I could pick up a pair?

  24. We polished our docs with black polish back in the 70s. Polished up like glass. Ah, fun times.

  25. What is that drumkit in the background?

  26. Use yellow/gold shoe polish first to even out the porosity so you’ll get a more uniform look with the black shoe polish.

  27. I got an similar effect on my boots by just using bee wax. They didn't go this dark, but the accents were there. The boots were not new and I think that helped as well.

  28. Thanks for not inserting any text or pop-ups and so on. Really calming to watch.

  29. Ummmm, two words. Mink oil. Please don’t ever put black polish on a brown boot 😂😂. Just use mink oil lol

  30. Do have a recommendation for a good pair of laced boots for more outdoor purposes? Around $150 is about the price im looking for and I would really appreciate if they could be resoled at some point.

  31. What’s the name of the track playing in the background

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