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How To Lace Oxfords & Dress Shoes the Proper Way & What To Avoid

Learn How To Lace Your Oxford Dress Shoes the Proper Way and find out what shoe laces to use and how you determine quality from crap.

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In this video, Sven Raphael Schneider explains:
1. How to Lace the Derby Shoe
2. Choosing the proper shoelace for your Derby shoes
3. Two different lacing styles for the Derby shoes and how to do both

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Choosing the Right Shoelaces
01:14 How Not To Lace Oxfords
02:11 How to lace Oxfords with Straight Bar Lacing
04:06 How to properly tie your Oxford laces
04:25 How to make sure your Oxford shoelaces won’t come undone
05:13 Where to get Quality Shoelaces


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  1. The laces should cross over underneath.

  2. You thread it like a bow-tie, yup! But you can also think of it as doing the second knot (with the loops instead of the single lace) in the opposing direction as the first (ie thread the left side on top instead of the right). Both will achieve the same result. With open lace, sometimes it’s worthwhile to loop the final eyelet outside in to get that chevron pattern and do the loop closest to the side of the tongue. Make sure you have enough clearance for the knot to show.

  3. Great chart on the right hand side…makes it so easy and repeatable.

  4. That's a shame I'm in my mid 50's and just learning how to lace up a pair of Oxfords 🙁

  5. Thank you so much. I watched 2 other videos and still couldn't get it done until I watched you do it.

  6. Form should follow function. If your best argument for bar lacing is aesthetics, yet you think other styles show "everybody that you don't know what you're doing," (@1:27) then you're just being a pedantic, judgemental snob who mistakes personal preferences for Rules of Style.

    In another video, you'll tell us equally smugly that diagonal lacing on Oxfords is just sprezzatura, right?

  7. Weird… I actually used to lace my sneakers like this back in middle school.

  8. Really helpful…easy to do.😊

  9. Pure Genius on the knot after lacing. I have found my default knot for tying my shoes.

  10. I have dealt with high end shops here in Toronto and not one of them troubled themselves to correct or show me the correct way to lace shoes. And my shoes are all in the $500 + range. Your advice is priceless and not in the least condescending. Your videos are inspiring. Thank you.

  11. Barring shoelaces was a trend on skate shoes…it really does suit Oxfords the best

  12. Haha watched this, looked down at my shoes and was like "uh oh!" so relaced them on the spot. Looking better now! Thanks a bunch Raphael

  13. Thanks. Actual lacing starts at 2:12

  14. Does the same procedure hold true when you are lacing dress shoes where the eyelets are on 2 separate '"flaps" (like Calvin Klein Dress shoes)? In this video, the shoe is made where the piece right below the lowest eyelets is secured down.

  15. Brilliant. Love the tweed jacket with the shooter's shoulder patch. When should a person where those types of jackets?

  16. Classy explanation, A gentleman indeed.. Well done ole man! Time to stride in my new shoes!

  17. As usual fashion comes before function.

  18. Thank you Oscar, this was very helpful.

  19. This guy looks like he's about to laugh/fart throughout the whole video…

  20. I lace them the way they were when I walk out of the store

  21. What does it mean when the leather on your boots boil or welt? Can it be fixed?
    Thanks Blake B

  22. That is a COOL jacket! What kind is it and where do I get one?!

  23. "Lacing your shoelace this way shows everyone that you don't know what you're doing" what an ignorant comment. There is no proper way to lace your oxfords, that is completely contingent upon someone's style preference.

  24. As long as it isn't sloppy, my main concern is the proper way to tie the shoe. Big loopy knots bothers me on oxfords. After the knot is done ,I collect it and place it between the tongue and upper part of the shoe. Look at Ashley Weston video on how to tie a knot on dress shoes. It looks a lot better!

  25. You do the lacing way too fast to follow you

  26. Just say no to black shoes unless wearing a black suit or a tux.

  27. I feel like Im in a wine bar when I watch your videos, awesome work bro you deserve much more subscribers

  28. Thank you. You've averted the embarrassment of me having to ask my girlfriend for help.

  29. I've subscribed, liked and shared your videos, they are so informative and very well explained. I'm using your tips everyday and they're helping me immensely. And your "coloured shoe laces that change the look of shoes" tip is gathering me a lot of attention from my fellows, everybody's asking about it. Thank You. Please keep making more videos.

  30. These ones
    Your English teacher would shoot you for that.
    Something as small as that could ruin a gentleman

  31. Your videos are very informative, and present great tutorials. Thanks for the quality of the content you provide.

  32. I've been searching for this type help. I did not how high you lace-up your shoes. Thankyou

  33. Step-by-step instructions start at 2:12

  34. Great outfit. I love your jacket.

  35. 2:15 for anyone who doesn't want to hear the rambling

  36. Thanks. I just got my new Loake Oxfords this morning so I copied the diagram down which is very useful and easy to follow. I used to tie a big double knot but now I can secure my knots with your style of knot. Cheers!

  37. Thank you a much needed video!!!

  38. I appreciate the effort but the step by step was not helpful, I paused and repeated and it did not make any sense trying to follow your pattern explanation, maybe a more descriptive vid would help

  39. Thanks, you're a legend. Very classy video. And great idea to change up the colour of the laces for different occasions.

  40. Your outfit fir this ep is sick!


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