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How to clean shoes | Vans Sk8 Hi Restoration

I bought these Vans Sk8 Hi’s at Goodwill to show you how i clean my shoes. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Boi I'm about to grill you

  2. You need more subscribers! Welp, you just got a new one :)!

  3. That song so trash please it ruins the video

  4. Im pretty sure suede doesn’t go good with soap and water. May as well not clean them man they’re just vans

  5. Could I Do This To ReD Vans

  6. Be careful those types of shoes do not do well with water

  7. if that shit is dirty then my his are done for

  8. crep cure is the best in the game.

  9. the thumbnail was the sk8 hi pro but the ones in the video aren't?

  10. 1st song BARS – Jimmie Hoffa
    2nd song Quest – Hunger

  11. make more of these, youre really good at it 👍🏻

  12. What kind of sk8 his are these? Or are they slims?

  13. Okay but did anyone else scream when he went at the suede part like that? might as well throw them on the washer man.

  14. what are the names of both songa???

  15. Great job my friend, you helped me out a lot today!

  16. Nice job dude, the aftermath was beautiful

  17. To be honest with you, the way the vans look before their clean in this video look way better

  18. Just like a brand new! Grt man! 🙂

  19. Who cleans Vans?? This is sacrilegious.

  20. all this for a $30 pair of shoes.

  21. don't do this to your vans.

  22. Dont trust people with clean vans.

  23. what was that product you used ?

  24. (srry bout the utube name) DAAMNNNN DANIEL

  25. where can i buy the product

  26. is there a substitute for the re shoven8ter like anything in your hose that might work?

  27. do u put it in the water or on the brush

  28. You Found These at a Good-Will?? That's Awesome. Vans Are Very Good Long Lasting Shoes..
    You Brought the Vans Back to Life ^_^

  29. sweeeet!! love the video.. check my vid bro, i used my galaxy s6 bit i think its pretty dope

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