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How And Why You Should Use Shoe Trees

In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses why men should use shoes. He talks about how men should use shoe trees and why they are important in the maintenance of their shoes.

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  1. One thing I use is heel protectors. The way I walk causes me to grind down the heel of a shoe very quickly. The heel protectors are easy to nail on and will preserve the life of your shoe.

  2. Appreciate the video! Great info.

  3. The brown tie w/ the navy suit is super dope. SALUTE MR OG!

  4. Thanks OG. Great tips and advice!

  5. Another great video. If you’re looking for a topic for other videos I would like to see you do one on rain gear. Thanks for putting together these videos, it must take up quite a bit of time and I’m sure you’re a busy guy!

  6. Jeff thanks for this video I was surprised how many men are not familiar with shoe trees I actually had one gentleman tell me he always those were the items worn by the dutch no joke shoes go a long way to extend the life of our shoes their investment is invaluable appreciate you sharing this information

  7. Thanks OG good topic 👍🏾

  8. just picked up a pair of shoe trees last week for my Chelsea boots. gotta stay sharper than a machete in these streets OG!

  9. Are there shoe trees specifically for boots?

  10. Mad funny I just got into using the cedar wood trees about a month ago Nordstrom had them on sale for around $12, copped around 14 of them, got them in my Tims and in my dress shoes(not into sneakers too much), I keep them in there mostly to keep the shape so they stay in there after I let them air out for about a day after I wear them then I put the trees in and put them away, do have some of the ikea plastic ones which I did make that mistake and put them in the dress shoes which I had in there for a while, those are now in my canvas shoes/loafers, as far as my drivers shoes I keep the folded up paper in those, keep hearing that shoe trees might stretch them out of there shape, can't do that risk to my Tod$$$. Great & informative vid as usual my brother, Be Safe;-).

  11. Definitely a wise investment for your more expensive shoes. I had 3 pairs of shoes made to measure and shoe trees were a logical purchase especially, when you spend fair money and time on shoes. Sidebar, don't confuse a shoe tree with the shoe last.

  12. Thanks for explaining how and when to use shoe trees as well as covering how many are needed. I always thought I needed a set for every pair of shoes, which is cause prohibitive. Greatly enjoyed this video ….. I’ve watched it twice! 👍🏼

  13. Hey bro.. this was some really useful info. I definitely will pass it on to two particular men that i know could use this information. Thanks for sharing💖

  14. O.G. It's back with another one. Guys pay attention. I repeat pay attention. It's been a couple of days. Since i last comment. But I'm always on the grind. That doesn't mean I'm not supporting my boi,O.G. on his channel. Trust me guys and pay attention..

  15. You are always on point. Excellent advice brother.

  16. Will your shoes not lose any shape if you put the shoe tree in it after wear then not put it back in the shoe till after you wear it again? I was convinced you have to have a pair for each shoe to stay in at all times.

  17. Great investment….og can u do a vid on field coat fit pls sir tryna get that perfect fit bruh

  18. O.G I leave my shoe trees in all the time is that a bad thing? Help a brother out. Salute!!

  19. Any tips on how to store shoes do you put back in the box or just place them somewhere ?

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