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Highest Wall Ride Competition LIVE!

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  1. Jeez if you took Gabe to an actual skate contest he’d nut his pants, have a brain aneurysm & go into cardiac arrest seeing what happens there.

  2. I can’t do a kick flip so an you teach me please I think it is so hard please can you my name is Logan

  3. anyone else see a hot dog push with the front leg. oh boy, hot dog down

  4. Yo what’s up with the quality

  5. I like Nigurl… a lot =)

  6. I don't understand how people can't wall ride in Galveston we have a 12 foot drop in and I can go half way up it

  7. Fetty rocking that t-rex onezy though 💪

  8. You need some carpets and furniture, maybe some foam on the walls to reduce echo.
    skilled fat suit skater

  9. Gabe is kinda starting to ruin a lot of the content for me he's just too much

  10. Aweee Fetty gave Aaron a hug at 16:25 and I cried a little

  11. No idea what Arron was saying

  12. Please, NO MORE GABE…… Its braille. Not GABE WANTS CAMERA TIME……… Gabe. Kill yourself… Please

  13. Aaron please be Tom Green for Halloween

  14. quick! get the megaphone out of Aarons hand. Love you G but when you have that megaphone I only love you like you're that annoying little brother

  15. i've missed you guys but the good thing is i was skating meanwhile ^_^

  16. Who knew it was this fun to be big? I never laugh at myself but actually laughed myself to tears a few times now.

  17. My name is Aaron Kyro and I'm a sponsored ghost buster from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  18. What is everyone else gonna be for Halloween

  19. I want to go to the Braille house how do I get invited

  20. Dude I was at the skate party last night it was awesome

  21. I wish I could have made it

  22. Let the bodies hit the flooor🤘

  23. I wish I could skate I know how to but my board doesn’t move and none of my friends have boards so 🙁 my board has like no grip and the wheels are plastic

  24. In my town there is a bike shop that has a world
    Industries rokem sockem board brand new

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