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GoPro: Best of Berrics Skateboarding is Fun 2015 Compilation

The 2015 #SkateboardingIsFun competition received thousands of submissions showing our GoPro users doing incredible and innovative tricks to compete for our Grand Prize of $20,000. 2016 will raise the bar as to what our Skateboarding community is capable of.

The competition starts on March 1st, so get your GoPro’s out and start submitting your unedited clips to http://theberrics.com/go-pro-upload/ for your chance to win!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

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“Got It Good” Extreme Music

Adian Coker “Airs & Graces” instrumental

Mike Patton “Sweet Cream (Redux) Edit 1” (Score Revolution)

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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


  1. I replayed the last clip like 3 times and their reaction at the end was priceless

  2. Awesome !!!!!! I want to do that some day !!

  3. Congrats!!!!!!!      wow

  4. Mulekada pesada do Majer Crew na finaleira hein !!

  5. upgrade your apparel wit obliviousinnovationsclothing on instagram there T's are sick but sadly their limited=/

  6. Is the last skate park form skate 3?

  7. Can anyone name the first song?

  8. majer crew always kills it

  9. That first line was fucked…..

  10. 1:48 This guy seems quite anal non-retentive

  11. I was skating really fast yesterday and then I fell when I ollied a curb. I fell on my right knee and it hurt. No one cares

  12. freakin majer crew. Those guys are not human.

  13. I saw mikey and automatically knew

  14. I live 20 minutes away from the skatepark in Brownsville, TX!

  15. Nice edit watch mine an coment ! 🙌🏾

  16. Aww that board tho at the end🙈

  17. omg the clip at 0:36 looks so good with the little slomoeffect 😀

  18. 😀 wooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  19. 15 years ago I didn't have any idea the skateboarding would get that far. Awesome.

  20. 1st so deserved it. Gratz MAJER Crew!

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