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Game of G.L.O.B.E | Finals 2016

12 Skaters that qualified participated in head to head S.K.A.T.E battles at Revolution Long Street for a first place spot and to be crowned the Game of G.L.O.B.E 2016 Cape Town champion.

Alex Williams was the overall winner.

The 12 qualified skaters competing were:
Tyresse Adams.
Byron Pietersen.
Nathan Peters.
Jawad Varind.
Faried kamalodien.
Anele Mabentsela.
Alex Williams.
Zion Caswell.
Alex Meyer.
Uzair Diedericks.
Lance Meyer.
Antonio Ambrosini.

Filmed on | Canon XA10 w/ Opteka Fisheye Lens, Glidecam 1000

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