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Fallen Footwear Ride the Sky demo Brampton park

Fallen Footwear Ride the Sky demo Brampton park premiere with Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, Josh Harmony, Tony Cervantes

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  1. that park kicks sphincter

  2. @jamesockendenmafaka yes you could

  3. @cotythunder you could never compare chris coles three flips to pauls…

  4. Chris was just goofing aroun the whole time and STILL threw down

  5. omg the casual kickflip late front shove in one single air by chris COLEEEEEE was fucking just ridiculous.

  6. @RATHERdieSKATING why? just cuz he's having fun?

  7. best skater there=chris cole

  8. dude willy grinds are amazing wats wrong wit you

  9. yeah same here its was so nice.. didnt get anything from the product toss though(N) you can actully see me im right before the red handrail that they were all skating in all black and holding a skateboard….i got all there autographs and josh harmany did a shove on my board..it was sweet not gunna lie


  11. its fun when you see yourself in the backround also filming

  12. I was also there, these guys ripped and were cool for signing autograph's bummer that jamie wasent there

  13. I was at the demo and premiere !!!

    Meet cole and Thomas.

  14. actually the song is Def Leppard, you got to respect a one armed drummer!

  15. well you got yourself a spot on the fallen website lol

  16. fuck that songs sounds like andrew wk or somethin

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