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Etnies Marana Michelin Skate Shoes Wear Test Review – Tactics.com

Etnies Marana Michelin Skate Shoes at Tactics: https://www.tactics.com/etnies/marana-michelin-skate-shoes/dark-grey-black?cp=ytd

The Etnies Marana Michelin is here! If you liked the original Marana then you are sure to love this collab between Etnies and Michelin. That’s right a tire company has stepped into the skate industry. The all new Marana comes equipped with a Michelin rubber outsole that has been tested to last 4x longer than the original Marana outsole. More life to this already indestructible shoe! Whats not to love? Needless to say skate team rider and avid fan of the Etnies Marana line, Caleb Grant was eager to try these bad boys outs. Check out the full wear test to hear what he had to say and see how they held up to 30+ days of skating.

Film/Edit: Jordan DeMoss

Want to hear from the designer himself? Head over to the blog to get the full run down on the Marana Michelin: http://www.tactics.com/info/etnies-x-michelin-marana-skate-shoes-qa-with-the-designer?cp=ytd

Shop all Etnies Skate Shoes at Tactics: http://www.tactics.com/etnies?cp=ytd

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  1. They have hidden lace loops so you dont blow them

  2. Ultimate shoe: Put shoe goo on this shoe over where the heel usually blows out, over the polyurethane toe cap, over the seams, and get some really fat laces.

  3. I think this is the first person I’ve seen bust out the toe cap in the marana

  4. Do they fit to size or should I buy them bigger or smallee

  5. I bought this Marana Michelin here at Tactics.com and I just begin skating with them. The shoes have a lot more grip than the normal Marana OG, also the outsole is thicker and they are comfortable as the other Marana OG. They did a really good job doing this collab with Michelin. I will upload a personal review after a month skating. I recomend 100% the etnies Marana shoes! Also my package arrived on time and the service from you Tactics is really nice 🙂

  6. The best review on your Channel from a vert good skater

  7. what shoe last longer the marana Michelin or the xt

  8. Seems like it'd be a good downhill shoe

  9. do with the DC Tiago S. Pleeeease

  10. I love the honesty in this vid. They aren't over hyping it. Thank you tactics for mentioning negatives. This gives me a lot of trust in your reviews.

  11. Love that he has a jamie foy deck❤❤

  12. When the vansultra rage test coming out

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