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eS Square Two Wear Test Review

A Tactics wear test of the eS Square Two Skate Shoes! Check out Benson skating and explaining why he’s hyped on the Square Twos. View these shoes today in full 360-degrees at Tactics.com – http://www.tactics.com/es/square-two-skate-shoes?cp=yt

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  1. hey what your favorite pants at tactics? i like your style so i want something like you

  2. hey Benson, you should do a video telling us what you favorite tricks are, maybe your board setup, something like that 🙂

  3. mine are like that as well. The foxing tape didnt come all off but its peeling i think its just defective becuz my friend has these shoes and that hasnt happened to him and he does way bigger stuff than i do. But besides that i love em

  4. Imo, Square 2 Janoski

    But I love the way Janoskis skate.

  5. Benson the foxing tape on the shoes came off after a week of skating them, Is there another version of these that are vulcanized not glued? And yes ive been doing huge stairs and ledges

  6. Square two last longer but janoskis skate better. Hard to choose but I would go with square two

  7. will they still compete with the modern day shoes? i just ordered a pair and was just wondering

  8. 'eS didn't go out of business. 'eS went on hiatus….

  9. Janoski's or The Square Two??

  10. hey benson should i get these or the eS manderson

  11. @tatics i just got my pair of square two fusions and u gave me the ones in canvas i was wondering will this shoe still last me the same amount of time

  12. Benson, does Tactics not have sizes under 8?? I'm a size 7 and can never find a shoe on your website that's my size…


  14. almost perfect . the laces ripped. aww.. but super duper nice though.

  15. Yo Benson, which griptape is the least grippiest? Well not the least but too grippy either i have Jessup right now.

  16. @taticsboardshop is the tred good and benson how long did the tred last you? Please reply

  17. @taticsboardshop does the tred last a long time benson how long did it last you? Please respond

  18. benson,are the insoles good on impacts please reply thanks 🙂

  19. what kind of grip do you skate benson?

  20. i hate it that éS will be gone after the year..

  21. im soo bummed that es is ending…but before they do im gonna stock up on es square 2s..

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