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eS Keano Skate Shoes review

A Tactics review of the eS Keano Skate Shoes. Available soon, check it out now in full 360-degrees at Tactics.com – http://www.tactics.com/es/keano-skate-shoes?cp=yt

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  1. Skated in them for 1 week and they r rented on side
    They look amazing n they re the most comfortable shoes i ve ever had …

  2. ive owned these for a while, theyve held up amazing but theyre almost done, probably have 1 or 2 days left in em. im gonna skate adidas busenitz next ;D

  3. @tacticsboardshop Thanks so much. I bought these shoes. I got them 30% off, too. They are sooooo great. I was thinking about getting the Emerica HSU shoes, but the Kenos are wayyy better.


  5. it's pronounced "key-ah-know"

  6. what is the best sk8 shoe in your opinion?

  7. should i get these or the ecosse

  8. Are you guys going to do a wear test reviews on these??

  9. I'm getting these as soon as they come out

    they look sick

  10. its like the perfect shoe….

  11. @TheMadsDirksen i would have to say vulcanized shoes are better, cause i have skate many both cup and vulc shoes and the vulc shoes just skate better

  12. @TheMadsDirksen Vulcanized shoes are 1 whole shoe that's attached to the bottom sole and top sole, cup sole is 2 different parts (the top and the bottom) attached, vulcanized shoes have more board feel but less protection / rips easily
    cupsole = more protection less boardfeel and less on comfort but doesnt rip as easily

  13. pretty sick, hope they have a green and blck vrs

  14. damn they look freakkin awesum

  15. I was wondering when you were gonna do this I saw this when I was gonna order my new shoes from you guys :3(nice customer service btw) and I saw it :O

  16. i will invest in this product.

  17. looks like a pretty dope skate shoe, how much?

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